Transitioning from University to a 9-5 job


‘Working 9-5, what a way to make a living.’

Now 8 months into a position with an advancing marketing agency (an hour drive from home) I must admit – I am tired. When you first finish university, you feel relieved – believing that the hard work is over and that you are ready for an all day, all week job – in the field of your choice.

What nobody prepares you for is the initial step of actually finding a job in the field that you are trained in. Consider this – thousands of applicants going for the job that you want. It means that you have a little chance of in fact getting this position.

Knock back after knock back, someone eventually will give you an opportunity if you push it enough; perhaps I emailed my (now) boss a little too much, persuading him why I should have a position but as testament to this advice, I practically created my own role, from a month contract to 3 months, then to 6 and now, well I’m fast approaching the year mark.

So what’s it like to work from 9-5.30 every day – much more than this. After leaving my house at 7 in the car, waking at quarter to 6, I arrive at work at 8 (on a good commute) – which is when I first sit down to my Mac.

In the best scenario I leave work at quarter to 6 and arrive home at. It is needless to say a tiring, tiring week – but I’m doing everything that I can to save my pennies! Rewarding, nonetheless, as the job challenges me and enables me to strengthen my creative writing for brands, but extremely tiring.

This is what nobody tells you when you delve from the ‘University bubble’ to ‘the real world’.

It’s tough, tougher than you could imagine – but if you find a job in your industry which pushes you and makes you better at what you do, then what else is there to do.

Forget about having a social life though, you’ll make one venture to the pub a week and be shattered after getting in at 10pm from one pint. Say goodbye to Jagerbombs and Sours shots… and the ring of fire.


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