Bring Me The Horizon – ‘That’s The Spirit’ Review

Love it or hate it – either way, you’re talking about.


Utilising ‘Feedly’ in the Digital Marketing industry

As a Digital Copywriter, Social Media Content Producer (mostly automotive), and blogger in my spare time, it was about time I put the renowned Feedly through its paces…

Going back to basics with the stick figure

A simple concept made smart, I personally believe that this is the best of back to basics animation around.

Defining Happiness

What makes you happy in life? Is it the way your partner wakes you up in the morning, is it socialising or being surrounded by positive people?

Birth Control Pros and Cons: The Implant

It’s an altogether taboo subject – the very mention of this ‘p’ word can send any girl down a path of venting.

High–maintenance, preened, natural, or just plain lazy?

Fashion trends come and go, so you would be mistaken to think that beauty trends were consistent…

Train Watching: Andy Redman

Commuting on a daily basis can be very tiring, especially when it’s your first proper industry copywriting job, you’re travelling for two hours each day and work 42 hours a week.

24 Hours in Police Custody

Here’s a little synopsis of tonight’s channel 4 episode of 24 Hours in Police Custody…

Killer On The Streets: Book Review

Read my review and brief summary of ‘Killer on the Streets’…

10 Reasons To Turn Off Your Phone

Here’s ten reasons to turn off your phone for a minimum of one hour per day….