#PhantomofMakeup Halloween Look

Phantom of Makeup

It’s safe to say that Nikkie Tutorials is a legend… ever since she launched the #PowerofMakeup campaign we’ve all been desperate to recreate her latest trends.

The #PhantomofMakeup is no exception.

A special halloween take on her original concept, this look features a mask-like shape around a section of the face. This area is filled with an intense makeup look, whereas the surrounding areas stay blank to highlight the ‘power of makeup’.

Obviously I wanted to get involved with the trend, so here’s how to recreate my spooky interpretation of her look…

Step 1: Carve out the edges of your mask using a transition shade (I opted for a grey-tone brown eyeshadow from one of the Urban Decay Naked palettes). You can go back in to deepen the shadow later, but this will help you initially lay your product down more accurately to avoid future clean-ups.

Step 2: You might assume that this step involves the base, but I personally like to do the eye look first, especially with heavier eye makeup like this.

To create this eye look I first packed the P Louise Base onto the lid (also using it to carve out the brow). Then, I took a combination of ‘Naked’ and ‘Basic’ from the BPerfect x Stacey Marie Carnival palette and used them as a transition/crease shade.

To deepen the crease, I went in with ‘Hot Sauce’ (a deep red-brown) and ‘Lola’ (a black shadow which I connected with a slight black wing – using the Tarte Maneater eyeliner) from the Obsession x Belle Jorden palette. Then, after carving a half cut crease, I dipped back into ‘Keen’, ‘Shuffle’ and ‘Lit’ from the BPerfect palette and created a fiery transition on the lid.

Step 3: Now that the messiest part is over, it’s time to complete your usual skin regime. To make a look like this as impactful as possible, opt for a heavy coverage foundation, ideally a shade or two lighter than your usual choice (especially if you don’t suffer from pigmentation). This will help to enhance the difference between the made-up and natural side of your face.

Face products used: Kat Von D Lock It Foundation, Tarte Shape Tape Concealer, Laura Mercier Translucent Powder, Mac Bronzer in Bronze, Pixi Beauty Blush, Sleek Makeup Solstice Highlighter.

Step 4: Complete the look with a half lip – to create this look, I used the shade Squash from the Lime Crime Velvetines collection.

Step 5: Go back in and redefine the edges of your mask with the same grey-brown tone shadow and then dust over the top with a skin tone powder gently to soften and reveal a more shadowy finish.

And wala…

Planning to recreate this look? Please share your makeup with me in the comment space below!

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