How to improve your eyeshadow application with one product

P Louise Eyeshadow Base review

Have you purchased a vibrant eyeshadow palette and stared in awe at the pan shades, only to apply the product to the lid and feel underwhelmed with the results?

Most people automatically assume that the product itself is faulty, concluding that the shadows are  unblendable and ‘chalky’, or the pans have been compressed too much causing the pigment to decrease upon application… but the fault often lies within the preparation of the lid.

A lot of people are sceptical about priming, and so was I, until the P Louise Base was introduced into my life. This tacky base is rich, creamy and extremely unique. It’s like the Mac Paintpot and Tarte Shape Tape had a baby… a beautiful blend of both their DNA.

Benefits of applying this eyeshadow base:

  1. The neutral, skin tone formulation instantly covers pigmentation. Hyper pigmentation between the brow bone and crease has always been a struggle for me as my natural brows are HUGE, but this miracle formulation actually conceals the ‘division’.
  2. Due to its tacky texture and consistency, eyeshadows cling to the base, providing a longer lasting finish. It’ll literally see you through from morning to night.
  3. The tackiness also intensifies the pigmentation of shadows, helping them to deliver a stronger colour pay-off… so you can wave bye bye to washed out lids
  4. It is a multi-purpose product. It’s not only an excellent eye base, it can also be used to carve out sharp brows before layering your foundation on-top.

How to apply the P Louise Base:

Smokey grungy eye lookThere are a few techniques to bear in mind when using this product, instructed by Paige (the founder of P Louise) herself.

The first rule of applying the base is to gradually tap the product onto the lid and build it up until blended out. She does recommend using a flat cut crease brush which will take some time, but if you’re considering a faster alternative, the likes of Nikkie Tutorials and other artists have been known to pack it onto the lid with a beauty blender.

The key tip is to ‘pat’ the product onto the lid using whichever beauty accessory you opt for.

Once a layer has been applied, the lid will feel tacky (e.g. slightly wet) – this is the sweet spot. It’s at this stage, when the base is evenly applied that you can go in with your first shade… but don’t wait around too long, as it can crease if left unattended for too long.

When applying shadows to a primed/prepped eye, the secret is to generally work outwards with your shadows. Start off by going into the depths of the prepped crease with a packing brush and load the deepest pigment into it. Once that’s done, you can take the next lightest shade and pack that on-top. This continues until you get to the final ‘transition’ (outer) shade, when you’ll finally blend out the edges and start focusing on the lid.

This technique, combined with the P Louise Base, will ensure that your eyeshadow is popping from dawn to dusk. I’ve honestly never witnessed creasing when wearing the base, despite the fact that my skin type is oily, so thoroughly recommend this product for all skin types.

For reference, the colour I use is Rumour (0.5) which is the second lightest shade (after shade 0 – white). I believe this is one of the most popular shades, regardless of your skin colour, as the product is easy to blend out and the lighter shade you choose, the more your shadows are likely to pop!

Did this article help? I’d love to hear what you guys would like me to review and talk about next, so let me know below!

9 thoughts on “How to improve your eyeshadow application with one product

  1. I’m so intrigued by this product. I’m not a big fan of primers as I’ve used many over the years that I don’t rate. I usually stick to my concealer or a maybelline color tattoo. But I’ve seen so many people wave about this so I feel like I need to try it.
    This is a wonderfully informative post & has helped me to make a decision!

    1. So glad to hear this has helped! If you like a concealer as a base you’ll love this as it’s nearer that than a traditional prime, plus it doesn’t cost too much. I’m obsessed with mine 🤞

      1. Yeah I just checked it out and £10 is very affordable when you consider the price of UD Primer potion or Smashbox’s one.
        Have you tried anything else from PLousie That you would recommend?

      2. I haven’t, desperate to try the palettes so going to do that soon! If you’re looking for an eyeshadow palette which goes well with the base I recommend the bperfect one I spoke about a few blogs ago – it’s mostly bright but the two products work so nicely together!

      3. Ah yes, The Stacey Marie Pallette that everyone is raving about. I’m extremely tempted. I don’t wear colour a lot but I think that one would encourage me and there are plenty of neutrals in it for everyday work looks.

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