How to achieve fluffy brows + Eylure product review

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Without question, the most talked about aspect of my face/makeup on Instagram is usually my brows – it’s kind of a marmite situation, either you love the bushy finish or you don’t.

I thought it was about time that I spoke about the two products which I have repurchased time and time again (with a stash of spares at the ready) which have definitely helped to up my brow game.

But before I go into how to steps… I did want to start with a little disclaimer – I’m actually a bit of a cheat as far as eyebrow application is concerned. I put in reasonably minimal effort because a. I’m always in a rush and b. my brows are the biggest, bushiest caterpillars naturally.

So if you have naturally thin brows, this guide might not be of use to you (there are plenty of how to instructions on creating a bushy brow from scratch online), but if you also have strong follicle growth… keep on reading!

Eylure brow product review | Dibble's Corner

Step 1: Eylure x Fleur de Force Brow Tamer

Available in-store at Boots, this little brow gel and colour duo always helps to prep my brows for a shadow application and fixes them in place for the duration of the day.

Despite having naturally dark hair, my brows are surprisingly light and sparse, so I always opt for the lightest shade (Light). There are two alternative shades to choose from – Medium and Dark.

First of all, I take the clear gel end, remove the wand and begin to brush the brow hairs upwards. It’s at this stage that you really begin to create the new brow shape using the ‘backcomb’ technique (it feels a little funny the first few times, but once you get used to it, it’s like second nature).

Once the gel has been left to dry for about 5-10 minutes, the brows begin to feel a little ‘crunchy’ – e.g. the soap or glue effect, but not to the extent where you want to remove the product due to discomfort. It’s then time to flip the wand over, remove the little wand from the fix & colour end, and brush the product through your brows.

This step will help to add colour to your reshaped brow hairs and will add some definition in (if you have gaps, don’t worry, we’ll be addressing those in step 2).

Step 2: Eylure x Fleur De Force Brow Palette

Green cut crease | Dibble's CornerOkay, so I have a bit of sad news to share – as far as I can tell this brow palette has now been discontinued. It’s not available on the Eylure website or in retailers, so I won’t go into detail about why I love the brow shadows for filling in the gaps and the highlight shade for covering pigmentation between my brow bone and crease space.

What I will say is, there are plenty of great eyebrow shadows on the market which do the same job… another personal favourite for me which is quite similar to the light blonde-brown shade in the lightest palette is theBalm’s Brow Pow Shadow in Blonde.

By introducing a brow powder as a secondary step you can go in between the hairs and fill in any sparseness – for me, this is quite an important step, as while my brows are very thick, they’re quite sparse (a mixture of my parents follicle genes), so fullness is one of the key benefits I look for in a brow product.

Step 3: Conceal

It’s no secret that the key to tidying up a brow look is using a flat crease brush at the final stage and carving those edges out with a neutral skin tone.

Most of us have opted for thick concealers like Tarte Shape Tape or Makeup Revolution’s Shape & Define Concealer for a long time now, but recently, I’ve been using the P Louise Eye Base to do the job. It means I don’t have to mess around with multiple products to finesse my eye look and can go straight in with packing that base onto the lid after… simple!

Was this step-by-step guide helpful? I’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback in the comments below!

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