The most pigmented, blendable eyeshadow palette on the market

B Perfect Cosmetics x Stacey Marie MUA Carnival Palette

I noticed that I hit 1,700 blog subscribers a few days ago and realised it’s been almost A MONTH since I last wrote to you guys… I’m sorry!

You’re probably wondering why I dropped off the face of the earth – the simple answer is, life has (as always) been manic and I thought I’d take a little hiatus from writing in my downtime to spend some time focusing on my Instagram and producing some really creative looks.

Thankfully, I’ve seen some good progress on my Instagram page (granted, engagement is still shockingly low thanks to this dreaded algorithm) but I’m feeling really rewarded by the feedback I’ve received from the looks I’m producing. I’m also definitely noticing some development in my blending abilities.

Today, I specifically wanted to talk to you about the best eyeshadow palette I have ever tried – a product I have not put down since purchasing for a really reasonable £39.99 and have created countless different looks with… the BPerfect x Stacey Marie Carnival Palette.

A bit of background about Stacey

B Perfect Cosmetics x Stacey Marie MUA Carnival PaletteIf you’ve lived under a rock for the past year, you might be wondering who is Stacey Marie?

The UK based makeup artist shot to ‘Instagram fame’ roughly 2 years ago when her original makeup style began to circle the rounds. So unique was her take on ‘blown out’ shadows and carved cut-creases, that she, along with a selection of other (mostly UK based) makeup artists who used similar techniques, began to revolutionise the way we apply our eye makeup in 2018.

It comes as no surprise therefore that a brand decided to collaborate on a product with Stacey, and a vibrant eyeshadow palette was quite clearly the obvious route!

And so, the Carnival palette was born, bringing with it all the colours you would expect from such a name.

The palette

B Perfect Cosmetics x Stacey Marie MUA Carnival PaletteI bought this palette on a whim having never tried or heard of the BPerfect range – I was literally fitting the stereotype of an Instagram fan, believing that my favourite makeup artist in the game would release a really great product in association with an ‘indie’ brand… and I’m so glad I took the risk.

You might be thinking, oh – how revolutionary, another colourful palette, but this is like nothing I’ve ever tried before.

Super pigmented like the Anastasia Beverly Hills mattes, but much creamier and SO blendable (literally, a dream for amateurs wanting to brave the bold colours), the Carnival palette combines a gorgeous combination of mattes and shimmery shades so you can create standout looks.

The best thing (in my opinion) is that each shade definitely has a supporting tone to diffuse the shadow out with, and with a few more neutral, transition shades in the palette, you don’t have to worry about combining multiple palettes to create one look (a rooky error most colourful palette creators oversee).

More about the matte shades

B Perfect Cosmetics x Stacey Marie MUA Carnival PaletteWith 17 shockingly vibrant matte shades to choose from, it’s really difficult to know where to start. In fact, when I first purchased the palette I wanted to throw every possible shade onto my lids, so came up with this contrasting cut-crease look initially!

I’ve never been so impressed with a creamy matte formulation – as mentioned above they’re similar to the ABH ones, but a lot easier to work with and blend out. I find that the Anastasia shadows are really easy to pack on too heavily and from there onwards nearly impossible to blend out.

When applied on top of the PLouise eyeshadow base using the reverse blending technique (aka packing colour onto the lid, deep into the crease, and working the transition shades outwards), it is easy to create a flawlessly blended look in less than an hour using the Carnival palette. What a dream!

The shade range includes just about every colour you could think of… apart from greens, which was a little disappointing but I can completely appreciate that green is a dreaded colour for many makeup artists in the industry and a mint alternative is just as good.


More about the shimmer shades
B Perfect Cosmetics x Stacey Marie MUA Carnival Palette

The shimmer shades are even more buttery to the touch and blend into the matte shades so nicely!

There are 7 highly pigmented shades to choose from, and the best thing is – none of them crumble. Usually, when you have a palette with so many shimmers (across a broad shade range) you can guarantee that at least one of them is going to let you down and have serious fallout on your freshly painted face, but not with this palette.

Every shade is reliable, packable, vibrant, easy to apply with a swipe of the finger and can be intensified when applied wet.

Across the board, the colours are a little more toned down than the mattes (as you would expect from a shimmer) – e.g. Queeny, Hustle and Hush which are all earthy-bronze toned but still make a huge impact.

However, there are still some iridescent shades in there for the glitter queens, one with pink reflects and another with golden-green ones, plus Breezy and Recharge, two blue toned (one deep and one mint) shimmers which are just as vibrant as the matte equivalents, but SUPER shimmery.


B Perfect Cosmetics x Stacey Marie MUA Carnival PaletteThe highlighters

My initial thought was ‘these highlighters look quite dark for my pasty skin’, so I presumed I wouldn’t dip into them that much.

Sinner is a gold tone highlight which would undoubtably compliment a medium skin tone the best, while Saint is an iridescent peachy tone which would flatter most skin types.

Granted, I will always reach for a more white-toned highlighter by nature, but these have such a buttery and blendable consistency (just like the rest of the powders in this palette) that I’ve been dipping into both and toning them down ever so slightly with a touch of transluscent powder.

This trick leaves my skin looking glowy and almost wet, which is every girls dream, as gone are the days of unblended, chunky highlight which sits in all the wrong places!

To sum up…B Perfect Cosmetics x Stacey Marie MUA Carnival Palette

You need this palette in your life.

Right now.

Literally, drop what you’re doing, go find your bank card and get yourself one, as you really won’t regret it.

This is probably the most enthusiastic I have been about a makeup product in my entire life… in fact, I’m definitely neglecting my old trusty palettes, but I’m totally okay with that.

7 thoughts on “The most pigmented, blendable eyeshadow palette on the market

  1. Wow this looks like such an amazing palette – I’ve been looking for a bright palette so I think I may actually purchase this one x

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