4 reasons to buy THIS drugstore mascara

L'Oreal Paris Paradise Waterproof Mascara

If you’ve been following my blog for a while now, you’ll be completely aware of my ongoing search for the perfect mascara (an all-in-one product, as I’ve already found a great duo).

If you’re new, then hello – I’m Kim and I have the stumpiest natural lashes on the market.

The product:

Whilst watching a recent Tati video, I noticed that she was using a L’oreal mascara and instantly thought, you know what… it’s time to give a drugstore mascara a try, it’s been a while.

Of course, Tati was using the standard L’oreal Paradise Extatic Mascara, but these watery eyes need something a little more long-lasting, so I turned straight to the waterproof equivalent.

The good news is, I’ve fallen in love with this £11.99 mascara and will be repurchasing it for my makeup bag, time and time again.

#1 – the wand

If you’re anything like me, the wand is the first thing you look for when opening a brand-new mascara… and the L’oreal Paradise Extatic Waterproof Mascara doesn’t disappoint.

The wand is long enough for you to coat the lashes without having to approach it from multiple angles. It isn’t curved to match the bend of the upper lash line, but it does hold that signature curved dip in the centre, helping you to evenly apply product.

The bristles are also super soft but really bushy, which I think is one of my favourite things about this mascara.

#2 – it’s waterproof

Some waterproof mascaras do not in fact withstand watery summer eyes (I think I have hayfever, but I’m not too sure) – at which point your eye look can become ruined as soon as you brave the fresh air.

The good news is, this formulation is super long-lasting and has withstood the ‘gym test’, aka. me sweating profusely, on numerous occasions.

#3 – the pigmentation

It might sound stupid, but there is nothing worse than bringing a mascara home and realising that the ‘black’ is in fact a bit MEH and looks a little muddy when applied to the lashes.

Thankfully, this is pitch black, so will instantly add a good coat of colour; you can also layer it up to intensify the blackness, without the lashes becoming clumpy.

L'Oreal Paris Paradise Waterproof Mascara #4 – it’s volumising

We’ve all read the volumising claim over and over again, so I can totally understand why this statement might sound a little too good to be true to some consumers.

I’m always a little skeptical when purchasing mascara as I’ve tried so many bad high-street and high-end products, but this one really impressed me.

Not only did the product really boost the length of my lashes, it also helped to curve them (meaning a lash curler was almost an unnecessary step) and bring some depth to them.

Overall, it’s safe to say I’m a big fan of this mascara. I’ve genuinely used it everyday since the initial wear test and have even started allowing my lashes to rest a little (aka. being a lasy girl and not applying falsies), because I feel confident enough to leave the house with just this mascara applied.

It’s a huge thumbs up from me… good work L’oreal!

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