The ultimate makeup brush for a medium-full coverage look

Zoeva 102 Silk Foundation Brush

Ever gone to purchase a foundation brush online and stumbled upon a million and one options – there are flat, stipple, domed and angled brushes galore, so how do we find the RIGHT one to suit our chosen foundation (and chosen makeup look)?

Well, you guys already know that I’m a full-coverage fanatic, and while we’ve all discovered that the beauty blender is the ultimate tool to blend out a heavy glam base, the Zoeva 102 Silk Finish Brush could be a close contender for packing and buffing colour out flawlessly.



Available in the UK at online retailers like Beauty Bay and Selfridges, the Zoeva 102 Silk Finish Brush is predominantly developed for powder foundation and mineral based makeup, but blends liquid product just as effectively (the proof is in the hundreds of 5-star reviews circulating the internet).

While I would usually opt for a flatter brush – as they tend to make ‘stippling’ liquid product into the skin easier – I was actually really impressed with the blending abilities of this round option… not a streak in sight!


I can’t EXPLAIN how soft the bristles on this brush are, they literally feel like pure heaven when swiped against the skin (and they look like heaven too).

The best thing is, the bristles are actually synthetic, making this brush an ideal choice for the vegans out there searching for a fluffy foundation brush.


Personally, I will always grab a beauty blender first (by nature) to build-up a full-coverage finish – that’s just my preference. Having said that, when using this brush, base makeup can be applied really easily and quickly.

I tend to initially dot the foundation across my face with my index finger. Then, I grab the foundation brush and start buffing/patting the product into my skin using circular motions (very gently, to avoid shifting the product). Applying foundation in this way will help you to avoid any unsightly cakiness and patchiness around problem areas.

The foundation I have been using alongside this brush is the Kat Von D Lock It Foundation (which I’ve actually grown less fond of recently), a very high-coverage option. This product has the tendency to dry down and become thick very quickly, so I find that I have to buff faster and a little more intensely (with more pressure applied) to achieve a smooth finish.

To finish the liquid base, I go over with a beauty blender (I know, I just can’t put these miracle sponges aside) to dab off any excess.


This Zoeva 102 Silk Finish Brush retails for roughly £13, which I think is an average-middle price for a foundation brush.

There are definitely alternatives on the market which might be a little cheaper (take Morphe, for example) but I really believe that the quality of the bristles and the comfort that the handle offers when rested in the palm of the hand justifies this price-tag!

Have you tried this foundation brush? Let me know what you thought in the comments below!

One thought on “The ultimate makeup brush for a medium-full coverage look

  1. I’ve recently started building a Zoeva brush collection and I’m glad I have another one to put on my wishlist, now.
    Lately I’ve grown tired of the Beauty Blender. I feel like I can get a better, more skin-like, more durable look when I use a brush to apply my foundation or CC cream. The Real Techniques Face Expert brush has been my absolute ride or die for that purpose.

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