Pros and Cons: Makeup Revolution Fast Base Foundation Stick

Makeup Revolution Fast Base Foundation Stick

I know what you’re thinking… she’s a little late to the party?!

Yes, the Makeup Revolution Fast Base Foundation Stick has been on the market for a few months now (believe it or not, I purchased it a few weeks after it launched), with every blogger under the sun trialling it after the huge success of their Tarte Shape Tape dupe concealer.

For a list of pros and cons to consider before investing, read on…


Makeup Revolution Fast Base Foundation Stick 1. Good for dry skin types

I’ll cover the main reason why this isn’t necessarily the perfect match for my normal-oily skin in the cons list below, but on the flip side, the formulation is a good choice for dry skin due to the waxy consistency.

Unlike other foundation stick alternatives, the creamy product is buildable and won’t dry the skin out. Dabbing the product REPEATEDLY to ensure a flawless, smooth application is a must though… and you might want to avoid priming, especially with a silicone based primer.

2. Broad shade range

In my eyes, a high-street brand launching 18 diverse foundation shades (tailored to a selection of undertones) is a huge step in the right direction… especially considering the difference between shades F1 (fairest) and F18 (darkest).

I’m generally the lightest shade in most foundation ranges, but I’m actually the second shade (F2) within this range as its tailored to my yellow undertone. I believe F1 is more suited to neutral undertones, but could also suit slightly darker skin tones when applied as a highlighter.

3. EXTREMELY affordable

There’s no denying that this product is an absolute high-street steal – for £5, you really can’t grumble.

My only MINOR qualm (I know, this is the ‘pros’ section) is that the tube only includes 6g of product, which runs out pretty quickly considering the ‘melty’ nature of the cream foundation. Having said that, the Hourglass high-end equivalent is only 7g and costs £42, so this isn’t a biggie!

4. Easy to apply

As it’s a foundation stick, this product is easy to apply directly to the skin with a few simple swipes. I’ve tried using a brush and buffing, but the formulation sits much nicer on the skin when bounced into the complexion using a beauty blender… you may just have to persist and banish any remaining cream from clinging to the usual nightmare zones though (e.g. smile lines and under eyes).


Makeup Revolution Fast Base Foundation Stick 21. Very ‘waxy’

The addition of Synthetic Wax and Cera Microcristallina (another form of wax) means that the creamy consistency of this foundation is extremely ‘tacky’ to the touch. For me, it slips a little too much, especially around the t-zone where I’m particularly oily, so whenever I apply it, a ton of loose powder and thorough dose of setting spray are essential.

Even with these techniques followed, I wouldn’t recommend this foundation for oily skin types.

Another gripe about the waxy consistency is that the internal chromatic detailing can get a little messy and while this can be cleaned up easily, it’s an added step we just don’t need in our lives!

2. Delivers medium coverage

If you’re hoping to achieve that Huda Beauty Faux Filter full coverage finish, you’ve come to the wrong place – the Makeup Revolution Foundation Stick delivers medium coverage.

What does this mean? Well, if you have any hyper-pigmentation, dark patches, freckles or blemishes, they’ll be slightly less visible after one application of this foundation, but they’ll probably still peep through.

Normally, I would recommend layering to build coverage, but that technique is not suited to this product, as the more you apply, the more likely it is to shift. So, it’s kind of a ‘you get what you see on the tin’ type of situation.

3. Less hygienic

Essentially, when you’re using ANY foundation stick, you’re taking any bacteria picked up from your previous makeup application and rubbing it back into the pores…

To avoid future clogged pores and blemishes, it is SO important to keep the top of your foundation stick clean, which can be as simple as wiping the top layer of product away with a clean makeup wipe (although, sadly, this does waste product over time).

In comparison, your stereotypical liquid foundation can be pumped and avoids this whole situation.

4. Includes a paraben called ‘Propylparaben’

It really depends how hardcore you are, but so many people are opting for products without parabens these days. While sourced from plants, this form of paraben is still synthetically manufactured to extend shelf life and banish any fungus/bacteria.

Of course, most beauty products do include preservatives for these reasons, so this is just something to consider if you’re a natural beauty enthusiast!

4 thoughts on “Pros and Cons: Makeup Revolution Fast Base Foundation Stick

  1. Hmmm despite the paraben, I’m still interested in trying out this foundation stick…hopefully I can find it in-store in my shade! Thanks for reviewing! I love how concise and to-the-point it is!

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