May Makeup Lookbook

Collage of looks

You might have noticed that I’ve decided to take a slightly different approach to blog posts – I got the impression that you guys were a little bored of how many reviews I was sharing (as there are thousands circulating the internet on a weekly basis), so I want to start sharing more informative and imaginative content.

One of my ideas was to pull together a little ‘lookbook’ of the makeup looks I have created at the end of each month, and this time around I’ll be showing you the key looks I shared in May and how to recreate them.

Citrus makeupCITRUS VIBES

Recently, I’ve been obsessed with colourful eye looks – especially ones featuring contrasting colours. This cut crease colour scheme was obviously inspired by lemon and limes!

Believe it or not, every eyeshadow used to create this look was taken from the Urban Decay Full Spectrum Palette!

To create the lime green crease shade, I laid down a neutral skin tone base, then lightly blended the yellow shade (Calavera) and the light green (Mean) together, adding the bright/deep green (Hatter) very gently along the bottom of the crease to accentuate the line-work.

Then, after cutting the crease with concealer, I added the yellow shade to the lid and completed the look by applying the Tarte Cosmetics Margarita Liquid Eyeshadow Pot as winged liner and along the waterline) and a set of large Eylure fluffy lashes!

Pink and purple eye makeupPINK AND PURPLE (EVERYTHING)

It’s a running theme that every time I dye my hair I create a matching makeup look, so it goes without saying that when I got my new pink and purple do, I had to reach for my Lick and Lash 35E Palette.

To create this look, I used a combination of two vibrant pink tones from the 35E palette, smoking out the edges for a soft blend using a clean fluffy brush.

Then, I applied the Lime Crime Polly Matte Liquid Lipstick as winged eyeliner and applied some fluffy falsies to complete the look!


Minimal makeupBARELY THERE

Nothing beats ‘lazy day’ makeup, when you get to pull a tinted moisturiser out of the makeup bag rather than a foundation and ditch all the fancy eye makeup for a coat of thickening mascara.

For this look, I used my Pixi Beauty Lash Primer and Large Lash Mascara, applying theBalm’s Brow Powder to my brows for a natural finish, with a dramatic dusting of the Sleek MakeUp Solstice Highlighter along my nose, and a coat of my go-to grey-tone beige Tarte ‘OG’ Matte Liquid Lipstick.


Copper sparkle eyesCOPPER SPARKLE

You guys have already probably noticed that I love an autumnal eye… and this makeup look was no exception. With a little added sparkle!

The crease was a combination of the following orange tone shadows from the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette: ‘Golden Ochre’, ‘Raw Sienna’, ‘Burnt Orange’ and ‘Realgar’.

For the lid, I popped on some of the NYX Cosmetics Copper Glitter – the perfect way to complete and bring any makeup look to life!


Ombre browsOMBRE BROWS

I’ve been loving the ombre makeup trend and decided to bring my brows to life by matching them to my hair!

This was once again the result of the luminous pink eyeshadow from the Lick and Lash Beauty 35E palette, combined with the deep purple shade from the Morphe 35P palette.

Obviously, this is a great option for people with naturally fluffy brows, but the new Kat Von D Colour Brow Pomades may be a better option for people with less natural hair… I’m definitely eager to try them out!


Sparkly contrast makeupGLITTER AND GLOW

I’ll be talking a little bit more about this look in the next few weeks as part of a product review, but I just wanted to give you a little round-up of how to get the look today!

For the smoked out crease, I combined Anastasia Beverly Hills Golden Ochre and Tempera, a yellow-orange and vibrant pink shade from the Lick and Lash 35E palette, Mac Cosmetics burnt orange and a red blush shade I can’t find the name of!

For the lid, I used my brand-new Stila Cosmetics Glitter and Glow Liquid Eye Shadow in ‘Enchantress’ and applied some Pink Dust and Dance Glitter to blend the shadow/liquid shadow blend.

Red lip minimal makeupCLASSIC RED LIP

My daily go-to – this look is really easy to achieve with a handful of products.

All you need is a moisturiser, some concealer for spot touch ups and lightly concealing the under-eyes, a brow gel, some mascara and a vibrant red lip.

This happens to be the Clinique Matte Lipstick and Primer in the shade ‘Ruby Pop’, which is one of my signature reds.


I’ve been living for the smokey red-orange tone eye looks on Instagram at the moment! This look was actually pretty straight forward to create as it involved natural lashes and no liner, just a whole lot of blending…

For the eyeshadow base, I applied theBalm’s Matte ‘Faithful’ lipstick, blending this out with a fluffy brush. I then went over the edges with ‘Bright’ from their Vol 3 Nude Beach Palette, adding ‘Brainiac’ all over the lid at the end.

To complete the blend and soften the transition, I used ‘Sauced’ – an orange tone shadow from the Urban Decay Naked Heat palette and for the lashes, I applied a coat of the Maybelline Total Temptation Mascara.

Want to see more monthly lookbook updates? Let me know in the comments below!


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