My all-time FAVOURITE lash duo

Pixi Beauty Lash Primer and Large Lash Mascara 2

If you’re anything like me, you’ll have been hunting for the perfect mascara to bring some volume to your stumpy lashes for the past few years with little success. I always tend to find a mascara with either a nice applicator or formula, but one way or another, my lashes end up looking spidery or clumpy.

So you can imagine my surprise when this duo arrived through the door in PR post and ACTUALLY transformed my lashes for the better.

Pixi Beauty Lash Primer and Large Lash Mascara 2I’m talking about the Pixi Beauty Black Lacquer Lash Primer and Large Lash Mascara (which are both available at Marks & Spencer in the UK)… a duo which I can safely say I will be repurchasing again and again.

In all honesty, I’ve never tried a lash primer before – I didn’t know such a thing existed – so I wasn’t sure what to expect.

The primer formulation is similar to a mascara, just with a thicker, more tacky consistency, helping it to cling to the lashes with ease. This helps the lashes to gain some colour but most of all, become separated and lengthened.

I have to say the primer REALLY impressed me and has made SUCH a difference to my mascara application.

Truth be told, you could probably apply any mascara on-top of the primer and achieve similar results, but this mascara seems to do the job nicely. The wand is thick and long making it easy to coat the lashes and the formulation is intensely black. The formula clings nicely to the primed lashes and honestly, helps to add so much more volume to my natural lash.

Overall results?

Before I discovered this duo, I pretty much wore false lashes everyday (as I hate my natural lashes) but ever since, have been opting for a more natural look. The Pixi Beauty Lash Primer and Large Lash Mascara have given me the confidence to do so!

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