Pixi Beauty Rose Skincare Treats

Pixi Beauty Rose Flash Balm and Rose Caviar Essence

It’s hard to believe that an entire month has passed since I last shared a blog post with you all. I HAVE been busy sharing makeup looks on my Instagram since then, but I’m back with some new product reviews!

Today I wanted to talk about two gorgeous rose skincare products I was gifted by Pixi Beauty UK a few months ago – the Rose Flash Balm and Rose Caviar Essence.

Rose skincare

These days, there’s a little bit of a stigma attached to rose based skincare, with many considering it to be a little outdated and the scent ‘old fashioned’.

With the launch of a powerful, beautifully scented (not too overpowering) rose collection – mostly focused around nourishing and rehydrating the complexion – Pixi Beauty have swept all stigmas aside and paved the way for competitors.

The six-piece rose collection includes everything from a Cleanser to a Face Mist, ranging between £10-£26.

Rose Flash Balm

It’s hard to put a label on this skincare treat – while it has a rich balm-like consistency, it can be applied as either a mask, moisturiser or primer.

One benefit is consistent regardless of the application… the fact that skin will regain some well-deserved moisture.

I personally love to apply this as a primer and find that it holds my makeup just as well as my go-to Smashbox Primer! The thick, oil-free formulation feels extremely luxurious and once it sinks into the skin, helps to produce a flawless foundation application.

In addition to being paraben-free and cruelty-free, the Pixi Beauty Rose Flash Balm is also packed with a selection of beneficial ingredients. Added Glycerin helps to create a protective barrier to prevent moisture loss, while a combination of Olive Leaf Extract, Rose Centifolia Flower Water, Witch Hazel Extract and Rose Extract ensure that skin is not only nourished, but also that the pH balance is adjusted correctly.

Rose Caviar Essence

The Pixi Beauty Rose Caviar Essence also gains a huge thumbs up from me…

The hydrating serum formulation includes a fusion of flower based oils and has been designed to soften, refine and tone the complexion gently, whether applied alone or as an initial step before moisturiser.

Numerous oils have been combined to formulate this skin treat (too many to even breakdown), but a few of the names you might recognise are: Sunflower Seed, Jojoba Seed, Olive Fruit, Rosa Damascena (Rose) Flower Soybean and Grape Seed Oil… all renowned for their skin-quenching benefits.

I personally like to apply this serum on alternate days just before bed, once I’ve thoroughly cleansed my complexion; this helps the extract to sink into the skin throughout the night and maximise natural results.



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