Alpha-H Liquid Gold… worth the hype?!

Alpha-H Liquid Gold

I know, I know, it’s been too long since I last blogged. I’m sure all of you part time bloggers with day jobs will understand the struggle of trying to balance working extra hours, socialising, commuting, a long distance relationship, keeping close with friends… and blogging; safe to say, life just gets in the way.

The good news is, today I have some free time to talk about my latest skincare obsession – Alpha-H Liquid Gold, a prestigious product I purchased months ago with high hopes.

I’d already tried the Alpha-H Clear Skin Face and Body Cleanser a little while ago and have been using it since; I wasn’t blown away with the results initially, but with time my skin adjusted to the pH rebalance and I did start to witness results. Which explains why I finally decided to invest £34 in this effectively glorified (and fairly small) toner… for good reasons.

The truth is, I have noticed some huge results since introducing this skincare product into my skin regime; I now use it at least three times a week (using Pixi Beauty Glow Tonic on alternate evenings) to combat blemishes and general dullness.

This overnight treatment combines 5% glycolic acid (derived from the sugar cane) with alpha hydroxy acids (hence the brand name), to resurface and exfoliate the skin gently. Like the cleanser, it’s been developed to adjust and lower the skin’s pH which promotes cellular repair.

I predominately use it to reduce acne scarring and new blemishes which are coming to the surface, but it’s also great for reducing dark spots/patches, minimising the signs of ageing, and adding luminosity to the complexion.

Safe to say, it’s a general all-rounder.

With this in-mind and the effects I have personally witnessed, I can 100% agree with the raving cult status that this product has gained online and recommend that anyone experiencing skin imperfections gives this a shot.

It’s not majorly abrasive, so could still suit mildly sensitive skin, but it’s strong enough to penetrate the skin’s barrier and rebalance the complexion to combat your primary concerns. Result.

Have any questions? Please leave them in the comment space below!



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