The best concealer dupe of… ALL TIME?!

Tarte Shape Tape Dupe Makeup Revolution Concealer

I’m pretty sure all of you are going to know which two concealers I’m referring to when you read the title (even before seeing this photo), but today I’m going to be addressing whether the SERIOUSLY hyped Makeup Revolution Conceal & Define Concealer lives up to the Tarte Shape Tape reputation.

I’ve been meaning to review this new release from Makeup Revolution since the very beginning of 2018, but time slipped by! The good news is, I now have a thorough comparison for you guys, since I have used this product everyday (spoiler alert, it’s now permanently in my makeup bag).


First things first, lets address the  most talked about difference between the Tarte Shape Tape and Makeup Revolution Concealer – a whopping £18 price-tag difference.

Loved by makeup artists and enthusiasts everywhere, Tarte Shape Tape has led the way for the past few years, gaining a reputation for being the best concealer around.

We all know that Makeup Revolution (a cruelty-free British brand) like to produce ‘dupes’ of our favourite premium products… so it’s no surprise that they took the opportunity to reproduce a high-street equivalent of this.

The Makeup Revolution Concealer retails for an incredible £4, which is a stark contrast to Tarte Shape Tape’s £22 price-tag… ouch!


I first purchased this product with high hopes as some of my favourite influencers had recommended it… little did I know it would be one of the few products which actually lived up to the hype (and beyond), for such an affordable cost.

The formulation is thick and creamy but also feels lightweight; making it extremely easy to blend out into just about every foundation. It’s a great multi-purpose product, capable of covering blemishes and dark circles alike!

In comparison to Shape Tape, I would actually have to say that the Makeup Revolution equivalent is a little easier to work with, less heavy, more blendable and less ‘cakey’ throughout the day… but it still provides renowned Shape Tape coverage!


Yes… the Doe-Foot (large than usual) wand is very familiar; this is one of my favourite things about Shape Tape as it makes application so easy, so I’m glad to see that this was replicated.

I believe that the Makeup Revolution Concealer tube holds slightly less product than Shape Tape, but who is going to grumble about that with the price point (I could stock up on 5 and still have £2 change leftover from my usual Shape Tape re-purchase)!

Shade range

I know, I know… shade ranges are a little bit of a touchy subject where Tarte are concerned right now (I’m sure you’ve seen the coverage regarding their foundation launches), but today I want to address the Makeup Revolution Concealer shades.

The colour I opted for was ‘C1’, which is the lightest shade available and a near colour match for Tarte’s fairest concealer. It brightens my under-eyes with ease, but isn’t too light to conceal blemishes; the shade naturally blends into my foundation.

I truly believe that Makeup Revolution have launched a concealer range for (almost) every skin tone; launching with 18 distinct shades and catering for various undertones along the way. It’s great to see a high-street brand finally opening it’s doors to diversity.

Have unanswered questions? Leave them in the comment space below!

5 thoughts on “The best concealer dupe of… ALL TIME?!

  1. Love that Makeup Revolution is expanding their range and getting more of a spotlight!
    Have you tried any of their other products?
    Love your blog! ❤️ I always look forward to seeing your posts 🙂

  2. omg I am seeing this concealer everywhere! I’m so with you on the larger applicator, it’s one of my favourite features with the Shape Tape so it’s ace that they replicated that! I need it haha thanks for the review!! xx

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