4 reasons to try the Pixi Beauty Glow Tonic

Pixi Beauty Glow Tonic review

Happy Sunday everyone!

So, I’ve already spoken about this renowned skin treat from Pixi Beauty in a blog post a little while ago, but I thought today would be a great opportunity to talk about the in-depth benefits of integrating the Glow Tonic into your daily (morning and evening) skincare regime.

Thankfully, I was gifted these skin treats from the lovely UK PR team (how cute is my personalised bottle), but you can head in-store or online to get the 250ml bottle for £18 today (smaller sizes are also available, if you’re looking to try it for the first time).

1. Thorough makeup removal

Categorised as a toner, but delivering much more – Glow Tonic is the perfect post-cleansing treat to remove any impurities and bacteria.

You may well think that your face is ‘clean’ after an initial cleanse (I love using the Glow Mud Cleanser as step 1), but one swipe of a Glow Tonic soaked cotton pad tells a different story…

2. Exfoliate and rebalance

Exfoliate?! But this is a liquid formulation, isn’t it? Well, you might not usually associate a toner with dead skin removal, but this all-in-one product gets to work renewing the complexion and revealing a healthier glow, thanks to the inclusion of a variety of acid based ingredients.

3. High-performance ingredients

Did you know, Glycolic Acid naturally derives from the sugar cane? Measured at 5% (a fairly high, but controlled, industry level) within the Pixi Beauty Glow Tonic, this Alpha-Hydroxy Acid is recognised for it’s ability to gently rebalance and add radiance to dull complexions.

To avoid irritation and sensitivity, this toner includes skin-soothing ingredients, like Aloe and Witch Hazel; while the addition of Horse Chestnut helps to increase blood flow.

4. Additional benefits?

In addition to its exfoliating, rebalancing and cleansing nature, the Pixi Beauty Glow Tonic has also been acknowledged for reducing the signs of sun damage, fine lines, imperfections and scarring, all thanks to it’s healing formulation.

One advisory thing to remember is… this is an acid based product so you’re going to need to be careful in the sun after using it, as skin can become more sensitive to UVA/B. Make sure to either avoid use during hot spells or wear a stronger SPF to ensure skin is protected.

Overall, this is one of my absolute favourite skincare products.

I love to pop the ready soaked pads into my bag if I’m travelling and opt for the bottle if I’m at home.

As you can probably tell from the picture, I’m stocked-up for the foreseeable future… given how little product is required for each application!

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      1. I have never received a PR package before but fingers crossed in the future I get to experience the extra detail! x

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