Lick and Lash 35E Palette | Blue Glitter Cut Crease Tutorial

Finally, I’ve had the chance to film a brand-new tutorial for my YouTube channel!

I’ve made a resolution to aim to share at least one video a week alongside my weekly blog post!

To create this eye look, I used a combination of two new products – the Lick and Lash Beauty 35E Palette and Bleach London Glitterati in Washed Up Mermaid (you can read my review of the glitter itself here).

So… is the 35E pigmented?

It’s really comparable to your standard (not Jaclyn Hill) Morphe palette, with a dramatically slashed price-tag… in fact, I’m pretty sure they’re produced by the same manufacturer.

Blending the pigment does take a little bit of patience, however, it is super buildable; so while you’re going to need to persist in order to get a bold and vibrant finish, it will totally be worth it.

How many shades will I need to create this look?

5… and they can all be found in this palette (besides the glitter). Combine the white, two blues, navy and black for a dramatic finish.

Have you tried any of the other shades?

You can go check out a look where I used the teal shades here and greens here, both turned out to be very impactful!

Have any thoughts? Let me know what you think in the comment space below!



6 thoughts on “Lick and Lash 35E Palette | Blue Glitter Cut Crease Tutorial

  1. I have never been a fan of blue eyeshadow but WOW that looks so flipping good on you!!😍 the colour goes so lovely with your hair x

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