NYX Cosmetics Copper Glitter

I’m not a big fan of the whole ‘New Year’s resolutions’ malarkey, but there is one thing I’m determined to achieve this year…

In 2016 I was all over blogging – in fact, back then I was blogging about three times a week. While that isn’t achievable at this moment in time with the amount of time I’m investing in creating new Instagram looks, I can definitely commit to at least one post a week.

So that is my commitment to the lovely followers who have stuck with me during a ‘dry spell’ throughout 2017.

NYX Cosmetics Copper Glitter

It’s now 2018 and I’m ready to talk about a product I fell in-love with last year… the NYX Cosmetics Glitter, specifically the ‘Copper’ shade (pictured left).

Easily applied with a little help from the NYX Glitter Primer, this loose glitter is not only super affordable – (available for roughly £5 in the UK), it’s also reasonably sized, with a selection of super sparkly, vibrant shades to choose from.

‘Copper’ is an extremely intense orange, perfect for adding a sparkle to any grungy look (see the image at the top of this post).

Christmas goodies…

NYX Cosmetics Glitter Gold

I was also treated to a selection of their mini glitters over Christmas, including the gold… and wow, it was the perfect product to bring a little sparkle to the close of 2017!

For this look, I decided to create a half cut-crease and see how the glitter blended into shadow; this wasn’t difficult at all.

Nor was applying liquid liner (the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner, to be precise) over the glitter.

There is nothing worse than trying to apply liner over a fairly chunky (fine) glitter and not being able to achieve a dramatic wing… but this wasn’t a concern with the NYX glitter.

I still have a little pink pot to put to the test, so keep an eye on my Instagram to see the results!

P.s. what do you guys think of my new yellow hair?!





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