Affordable glitter… that DOESN’T require glue?!

Bleach London Glitterati Berwick Street Floor

Yep, I was pretty sceptical when I first heard that Bleach London had launched pressed glitter pigment (Glitterati) which could be directly applied to the skin without primer or glue too…

How on earth could a glitter cling to the skin without some form of tackiness?

Bleach London Glitterati Berwick Street Floor

But by some kind of miracle, the Bleach London team have managed to launch a glitter which retails at £5 per pan, which can be directly applied with a finger… and last the ENTIRE day.

For best results, I would definitely recommend applying this product with a finger, simply swipe the glitter onto the fingertip and press onto the lid (best to blend out the crease shadows first, for a cleaner finish).

This shade in particular, ‘Berwick Street Floor’ is a gorgeous pink-red – perfect for festive and fall looks. I teamed it with a selection of orange tone shadows for a super grungey look.

Bleach London Glitterati Berwick Street Floor

Best of all?

Because this isn’t a ‘loose glitter’ pigment, there is minimal fallout. So you can apply your foundation first without the ‘glitter face’ fear (but best to bake with some setting powder first – just in case).

So, what’s the cost?

The individual pan glitters, like this (along with the regular shadows, which I have heard incredible reviews of) can be purchased in-store at Superdrug UK. I believe the regular shadows are £3 and the glitters are £5.

I also saw an advert for a big palette of the glitters, available via Cult Beauty today. I’m not sure of the price but if you try out the singular ones and love them as much as I did, you’ll understand my temptation to splurge on a ready curated palette!

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