The only Cup O’ Coffee you will need ☕️

Lush Cosmetics Cup o Coffee

What is the first thing that springs to-mind when I say the word ‘coffee’?

Perhaps you instantly think of your wake-up call espresso… but today we’re going to be ditching the caffeine for a ‘wakening’ natural skin treat.

I am, of course, referring to the Lush Cosmetics Cup O’ Coffee Face and Body Mask, a product which has now been situated in my ‘trialling’ drawer for about two months, and has made an appearance at least once a week since.

Now you probably already know that I am a big fan of Lush Cosmetics, due to their no-nonsense, cruelty-free approach to manufacturing, as well as their ethical and natural ingredient decisions (not forgetting their contribution towards recycling within the beauty industry), but how did this new skin treat compare against my usual go-tos?

First impressions…

Initially, I was a little unsure of the consistency and the smell; I’m not the biggest fan of the smell of strong coffee (yes, I’m a caramel latte kind of girl) and it was much thicker than my usual masks, presumably because the paste-like coffee formulation is hard to soften.

With this in-mind, it takes a little time to actually scoop the product out of the pot and apply to the skin – so a little persistence is required.

The results?

I’m a huge fan of a mask which not only brightens the complexion but also exfoliates it afterwards, so this was a no-brainer.

I really like how after a while, my skin does feel naturally ‘rejuvenated’.

The granular texture feels like it’s getting to work when you massage the product into the skin at the end of the mask application and while a little abrasive due to the coffee grounds, it does the skin wonders. It’s fair to safe that the mask has notably reduced the size of my pores.

I haven’t really experimented with using it as a body mask just yet, but based on face results, would highly recommend this product.

So, how natural IS this product?

Well, according to Lush’s ingredient listing, all but one ingredient are classified as natural… the remaining one is of course, perfume – a safe synthetic which is featured within almost every beauty product you’ll have on your bathroom shelf.

If you check the packaging, you’ll also find a selection of skin-loving, natural ingredients, like ground coffee, vetiver oil, roasted cocoa extract, caffeine powder and kaolin, which cleverly combine to restore the complexion and relax the user!

Have any questions? Please leave them in the comment space below!

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