theBalm Tutorial & First Impressions

A huge, HUGE thank you to the lovely theBalm PR team who sent me a bunch of incredible products to test, a selection of which I have used in my latest tutorial and will be reviewing today.

If you haven’t already, please head over to my YouTube channel and subscribe – I’m a bit of an amateur where filming is concerned, but I will persist!

theBalm pr package

Step 1: Foundation 

I didn’t really know what to think of the Even Steven Whipped Foundation to start with. Whenever I hear the word ‘whipped’ I instantly think of my 12 year old self applying the dream matte mouse (we’ve all been there) and having the patchiest complexion… but this was SO different.

To start with, the shade ‘Lighter than Light’ looked a little too dark for me (ironic) in the pot, but when I dabbed it onto my skin and blended, I was pleasantly surprised by the near colour match… it’s safe to say this doesn’t oxidise over time.

The application itself was easy and the finish was really nice – think a combination of a mouse and liquid foundation, minimal product is needed but the thicker consistency still hydrates.

For all of these reasons, I will be alternating this foundation with my go-to (Kat Von D Lock It). The only downside is, the pot is relatively small… I’ll keep you posted regarding how quickly I use it all!

Step 2: Bronze

I’d heard SUCH raving reviews about the Bahama Mama Bronzer… and they were all so true. This is BY FAR the best bronzer I have ever tried!

The warm tones really compliment a pale complexion and the formulation itself is really easy to blend and build-up… gone are the days of patchy application.

Step 3: Eyes

I kid you not, the Nude Beach Palette (Vol.3) is just as pigmented as my go-to high-end palettes with a relatively affordable price-tag.

Granted, you do get a reasonable amount of fall-out on the foiled shades (I’d definitely recommend wetting the brush before applying) and the pans aren’t particularly large, but the pay-off is INCREDIBLE. I particularly like the shades Buff (which I used as a joint transition shade) and Brainiac (which I popped onto the lid).

I only actually filmed with half the palette (the left-hand side), but have used a few shades from the right-hand side since (including the gorgeous gold colour) and I’m just as impressed. Hold tight for another look using these!

Step 4: Brows

For me, any powder does the job as I have naturally bushy brows… the Brow Pow Eyebrow Powder is no exception. The added bonus is that the ‘blonde’ was actually reasonably light; I’ve found that alternative brands state something is blonde and it actually achieves a fairly dark result.

Step 5: Lips

To start with, I applied a layer of the Pickup Liner in ‘I Really Dig You’ – a gorgeous nude-brown tone. While I absolutely love the nourishing consistency and impactful pay-off, I’m pretty sure that it isn’t going to last very long… and that’s because this is a roll-up product rather than a pencil. Perhaps I just need to learn to be less ‘heavy handed’!

I then covered the lips with the Meet Matt(e) Hughes Liquid Lipstick in ‘Committed’. Not only is the colour gorgeous but the consistency has BLOWN ME AWAY… the lips feel soft (although a little dry – as expected – as the hours progress) and it really stands the test of time!

When I first applied the lipstick, I didn’t think it was going to dry down and provide a ‘completely matte’ finish, but within seconds I returned to the mirror and it had set… I know from this moment that it wasn’t going to budge despite the multiple drink and food tests I put it through.

Overall, I’m really impressed with the range and can totally see why this brand has gained a huge name for itself within the industry.

If you’re looking to try some new products, I’d definitely recommend the bronzer, matte lipsticks and eyeshadow palette!


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