✨ Everyday Highlighter: Sleek MakeUP Solstice Palette ✨

Sleek Makeup Solstice Highlight Palett

After reading a million and one fantastic reviews of the extremely affordable Sleek MakeUP Solstice Highlighting Palette, I had to invest and test it for myself.

What was the fuss about? Could a high-street highlighter which costed less than £10 really provide the beaming glow I was looking for?

Yes. Yes and YESSSS, is my truthful answer.

I can’t praise every element of the palette enough.

The bottom two shades are now my everyday go-tos; the peach-tinged highlight on the right-hand side (a creamy, powder formulation) adds a dramatic but blendable, everyday ‘pop’ to the complexion. When paired with the cream-toned highlight on the bottom left, my highlight is out of this world!

While I haven’t delved into the creamy shade on the top left yet (my natural instinct is to grab the powder formulations first), I HAVE tried the lavender highlight on the top right – once again, a creamy blend of multiple pink and lavender hues which add a warm ‘iridescence’ to the complexion.

It’s as if you’ve gone through a million Instagram filters to get to the finished result, in one sweeping motion.

And the best thing about every highlighter within this palette? They can easily be blended/built-up to create a subtle or dramatic look… obviously, I always opt for the latter because HIGHLIGHT.

Another huge bonus is the the compact quality. For the price, I was really impressed by the sturdiness of the palette itself; while I haven’t tried dropping it (yet, give it time), I’m pretty sure it would withstand the crash, unlike alternative high-street highlights that I’ve tried.

It’s also much deeper than I first anticipated; despite how much I delve my brush into the palette everyday, I haven’t ‘hit pan’ yet… it’s a true investment!

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