Pixi Beauty x ItsJudyTime Eyeshadow Palette - ItsEyeTime

I always feel really lucky when Pixi Beauty products arrive at the door… especially in the knowledge that 10/10 times I’m going to try a great, high-performance product.

As for the Pixi Beauty x ItsJudyTime eyeshadow palette, I couldn’t be more impressed.

Granted, the componentry itself feels a little plastic and I’m living in fear that the lid is going to snap off, but apart from that, I’m struggling to find faults.

A little more about the product…

Retailing at £28, it’s safe to say that this palette offers true value for money, with 12 densely pressed pans of glistening neutrals and gorgeous mattes to mix-and-match.

What do I mean by densely pressed?

Well, every shadow in the palette delivers fantastic pigmentation when swatched, even with one swipe of the finger.

The blinding shine associated with the shimmery shades is the result of a time-consuming ‘pressing’ process, where the eyeshadow pan is compressed to the perfect level; this stage really effects how easy the eyeshadow will be to blend and maximises the intensity of sparkly ‘wet look’ shades.

Now that the mini science lessen is over (sorry if I bored anyone), I thought I’d turn my attention to the colour selection and talk blendability… in-depth.


While it’s regarded as (primarily) a neutrals palette, I would say that this description doesn’t sell the products full potential.

It’s an everyday (fairly compact) go-to for those who like an intense smokey eye one-day and a subtle wash of neutral shimmery shadow the next.

Yesterday, I created a smokey eye using the Pixi Beauty x ItsJudyTime palette for the very first time and it surprised me how many of the pans I dipped into without realising!

Smokey eyes - Pixi Beauty

To create this look, I used ‘Snowflake’, the sparkly, champagne-beige mix, and applied it across the stretch of the eye lid/crease as a base shade.

Then, I combined ‘itsmommyslife’, ‘Honey Bear’ and ‘Good Morning’ to create some depth within my crease.

At this point, I wanted to add a little intensity to the lid and opted to apply ‘Tu Tu’ and ‘Brick’ to the outer corner of the lid, transitioning this into the vibrant red-brown glittery shadow, ‘Getaway’… the shade which I fell in love with at first sight.

So, what were my first impressions?

The pigmentation of the shimmery shades was incredible and I was equally impressed by the matte colours, specifically ‘Good Morning’ and ‘Honey Bear’, which remind me of my favourite Urban Decay Burnt Orange-Brown eyeshadows.

They all blended REALLY nicely together and while the shimmery shade didn’t have as much of an impact on the lid as I first anticipated (it looks out of this world in the palette) it still looked pretty incredible.

What about the shadows I didn’t try?

Well, there are only four I didn’t get around to using: ‘Ping’, ‘Dark Chocolate’, ‘Aww Snap’ and ‘Night Night’, merely because these are the most intense, dark colours in the palette and didn’t match the look I was creating.

When looking at them in the palette, I can’t help but think that the two dark brown shades do look quite similar (one is every so slightly warmer).

Whether or not this is the case when applied, I’m unsure… I just can’t help feeling that I wish there had been a completely different dark-neutral tone thrown into the mix.

However, the sparkly dark shade also looks incredible and I can’t wait to use it – I’ll make sure to let you know on Instagram if it creates as much intensity as I think it’s going to!

Like what you read today? Have any questions? Please leave them in the comment space below…


  1. this palette is sooo pretty!! i am familiar with their skincare but had no idea they had makeup too! love the look you created!

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