Lime Crime Perlees Roswell Lipstick


Ever wondered how people manage to create a metallic yet matte lip look, without the product shifting or lacking ‘oomph’?

There are few products on the market that actually cover both grounds because it is near impossible to find a metallic formulation that’s matte, without it drying the lips completely – but somehow, Lime Crime have managed to ‘pull it out of the bag’ once again.

Granted, ‘Roswell’ from the Lime Crime Perlees collection isn’t as dark or intense as I first anticipated when looking at the colour swatch/product within the packaging, but this wasn’t a disappointment.

The metallic blend of silver, lilac and bronze tones actually makes this a really wearable lipstick, despite what you might think upon first impressions.

Besides the gorgeous colour, the lipstick itself is a little ‘drier’ than I would like, making it a little hard to apply. What I mean by this is that it requires a few applications and a little persistence when you first apply… but this really is an inevitable factor of a lipstick of this nature.

I’ve tried it twice so far – once without a lip oil and one with a lip oil applied as a base.

The latter option (pictured) transformed the colour into a gloss and helped my lips to stay nourished throughout the day, but I think I would opt to apply this without an oil in the future, to really witness the benefits of it’s long-lasting, matte finish.

Where the packaging is concerned, I’m in love. It’s so, so pretty and feels really robust.

If you pop this one into your handbag and it gets lost for a little while (a decade, if you’re anything like me), you’re not going to have to worry about the cardboard being bashed… it’s surprisingly sturdy feeling for such a delicate design!

Overall, it gets a big thumbs up for me!

If you like what you read today or have any questions, please let me know in the comment space below…

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