My First Influenster VoxBox – Max Factor Review

Max Factor Influenster UK Voxbox

So, if you haven’t heard of Influenster (I’m sure most of you have) – It’s a platform which allows people to review products/share questions and pictures with the objective to unlock badges and ultimately… receive VoxBoxes.

A VoxBox is a complimentary box of goodies provided by Influenster and the receiver is asked to take pictures/share an honest review.

The good news is, you don’t have to have a huge ‘social impact score’ (amount of followers between your channels) to gain boxes… you just have to review a lot of products and share genuine opinions, whether good or bad.

So, Influenster just launched in the UK after the platform become a huge success story in the US. I entered a little competition to win my first box… and wala – I was sent a trio of Max Factor goodies. Two products which I really like and one which I’m not such a fan of.

First of all, let’s talk about the good products…

I really, really like the combination of the Universal Lip Liner and Colour Elixir Lipstick (demonstrated on the left).

The lip liner is a white, creamy formulation which has been designed to suit every lipstick shade.

Gone are the days of rooting around for a colour match – this invisible formulation compliments every skin tone and lipstick colour.

One thing is for sure – it definitely helped in preventing my Colour Elixir Lipstick from bleeding (a huge issue I experience with most traditional lipsticks). I also applied it across the entire bare lip and I’m convinced it helped the lipstick to cling to my lips a little longer.

The Colour Elixir lipstick itself (tested in the shade Pearl Maron) is neither a matte, nor a traditional gloss.

The best way I can describe it, is to compare it with the slightly shiny lipstick products we were all obsessing over in the nineties – easy to apply, fairly pigmented, nourishing due to the creamy formula and surprisingly long-lasting.

I managed to go from 7am-3pm without reapplying and although the colour faded, I wasn’t offended by this lesser colour – making it a great choice if you don’t have the time for touch-ups throughout the day, but want to add some impact to your morning makeup routine.

In comparison, I wasn’t a huge fan of the Honey Lacquer in the shade Honey Rose…

This isn’t necessarily a product fault, I just generally don’t get along with lacquer-like formulas as my natural lip pigment is inconsistent and I feel like glosses just aren’t me… Lets blame years of matte lipstick application.

The one thing I have to give this product credit for is the gorgeous pink shade.

Besides this, I was a little disappointed by the thick but transparent nature of the product. I expected it to at least deliver the effect of a gloss with the slight pigmentation of a lipstick but I feel that the formula just appeared uneven on my lips within a few minutes and actually highlighted the natural discolouration of my lip.

In my eyes, if I can see my lip colour beneath a product… and I’m not wearing a transparent gloss, it has failed me.

So, to conclude, I would highly recommend that you checkout the Universal Lip Liner (£4.99) and Colour Elixir Lipstick (£7.99).

Both Max Factor products are available at Boots and Superdrug stores in the UK for a ridiculously affordable price… so what’s stopping you!

Struggling to get to grips with the concept of Influenster? Please leave your comments in the comment space below and I’ll help as much as I can!


4 thoughts on “My First Influenster VoxBox – Max Factor Review

  1. I have tried looking into Influenster but don’t know if it cos I’m thick or what but I don’t really get it… nice products tho 🙂

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