Lets talk about… LINGERIE.

NYX Lingerie Lipli

No, not underwear… but the NYX Cosmetics Lingerie collection.

I’ve been meaning to try this lipstick for such a long time, as I’d already fallen in love with the soft lip creams and had seen a lot of beauty bloggers applying Lingerie lipsticks.

NYX Lingerie Lipli

What I wasn’t prepared for, was the fact that unlike the rest of the NYX range, I wasn’t going to love this product.

Granted, ‘Silk Indulgent’ (the shade I’m wearing in this photo) is a gorgeous blend of nude-pink tones, but that’s about the only thing I liked about the product.

I tested it on two occasions and here’s what I thought…

What’s up with the formulation?!

Whilst I thought this lipstick would be nourishing, based upon initial impressions and previous experiences with NYX products, it turned out to be anything but this.

I had real problems trying to get the liquid to stay-put on the centre of my lips – in fact, it’s going to sound a little crazy, but when I applied it today, I had to literally use the hairdryer on my lips in order to get the product to bake into this problem area.

Drying and ‘cakey’.

Yep, that fear we all face when trying a new matte liquid lipstick…

The formulation tends to become ‘cakey’ when reapplied throughout the day and looks extremely dry over time. My lips felt REALLY tacky and uncomfortable after just a few hours.

The overall verdict?

Based upon this experience, I won’t be repurchasing from the NYX Lingerie collection. However, I will continue to experiment using more colours from the soft matte lip cream range!