First Impressions: Lime Crime Squash Matte Lipstick

Lime Crime Squash Matte Lipstick

So, I’ve been waiting to review Lime Crime Squash for a little while and I’ve finally had the chance to test it.

Granted, Squash might not be the most ‘wearable’ lipstick due to it’s light orange pigmentation, but it’s an incredible statement lip to complete creative makeup looks!

You guys know how much I love the formulation of the Lime Crime Velvetines collection – every lipstick is quick drying, super matte but fairly nourishing, and boasts an incredible colour pay-off.

The same applies to the colour ‘Squash’.

Lime Crime Squash Matte Lipstick

I found that after food and drink, the colour disappeared on the centre of the lip quite a bit – much like the rest of the collection.

Having said that, where the colour is fairly light, this bold patch doesn’t look as intense as it would on a darker lip, and the natural pink of the lip tends to blend a little easier… so you can avoid a reapplication for a few hours.

I did want to test the reapplication process to see if the lipstick became ‘tacky’ (I have found that a select few members of this collection do create this feeling) and the great news is, I experienced ZERO uncomfortable ‘build-up’… just a consistent orange tinge.

Best of all? I managed to get this for Β£3-4 in the Lime Crime sale (along with two different lipsticks, which I’m still to review) – result!


8 thoughts on “First Impressions: Lime Crime Squash Matte Lipstick

  1. This suits you a lot, I don’t think I’m brave enough to pull it off! I also got a bunch of Lime Crime lipsticks in the recent sale. Such a bargain!

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