Nip and Fab Foundation

If you’ve been hunting for the perfect high-street foundation for a long-time now (join the club), then I THINK you’re GOING to be impressed by this new Nip + Fab release.

For a long time now, I have raved about how great the Nip + Fab Glycolic Cleanser is – in fact, the entire collection is my go-to whenever I suffer with a breakout. I’ve previously reviewed three products from the range, which you can read here.

It goes without saying that I was extremely eager to try the new Nip + Fab makeup line and see if it lived up to my high expectations.

So far, I’ve only had the chance to try the foundation, but I’m definitely going to be reviewing more products from the range in the near future – so hold tight!

Nip and Fab Foundation Look


I wanted to test it for a reasonable amount of time to get to grips with how the product left my skin looking immediately, and just as importantly, the longevity. I’ve been applying it every third day for the past two months and I feel pretty good about the results.


  1. While it’s not the most important consideration when buying a foundation, the high-street price-tag is a definite bonus – £12.95 really can’t be grumbled at.
  2. Unlike other high-street alternatives, there is SUCH a broad skin tone suitability within this collection – with 12 colours to choose from, including a white ‘Light Mixer’ which enables you to customise your perfect shade!
  3. It’s not high-coverage, but it’s not transparent. It doesn’t have a sheen, but it’s also not matte. It’s the perfect mix of everything if you’re looking for a medium coverage skin base.
  4. The formulation can be layered up without forming unnecessary ‘cakiness’.
  5. Due to the fact that the tube is squeezy with a plastic nozzle top, it’s easy to apply a small or large amount of the product. Either squeeze the foundation directly on to the face or onto the back of hand as an initial step!

Now that you’ve heard what I think of the Nip + Fab Foundation, I’d love to hear if you have any alternative high-street recommendations (available in the UK)!

I’m currently thinking of filming a video or writing a blog about how to achieve ‘dewy’ skin (I’ve just discovered the perfect, affordable skin duo)… if you’d like to see this, please let me know in the comment space below!

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