Skincare Sunday: Pixi Beauty Peel & Polish Review

Pixi Beauty Peel and Polish

It’s safe to say that my dressing table is getting a LITTLE (aka. massively) overcrowded, between the masses of skincare and makeup products I now own.

I have a selection of skincare products to talk about, but today I’m going to be focusing all of my attention on the Pixi Beauty Peel & Polish (RRP £26).

Whilst I’m a Brand Ambassador, I have promised to never positively promote a product that I’m not 100% in love with, and so far, everything the brand has launched has amazed me… including this fairly new product.


Not everyone can afford a celebrity-proofed, enzyme salon experience – and for those people (including myself), this product is the perfect alternative.

Paraben free and cruelty-free (as with all Pixi by Petra products), the Peel & Polish contains 6% Lactic Acid and Papaya – the winning combination for smoother and healthier skin.

Rather than leaving the skin red and sore, this product is a gentle alternative to abrasive peels – it gradually resurfaces dead skin cells to rejuvenate a previously lifeless complexion.


One thing is for sure… you can expect quick results. Remove the product from the face with a hot flannel 2 and a half minutes after the initial application (the final 30 seconds will be spent rubbing the granular formula into the skin).

*It is this final 30 seconds which makes a huge difference, acting as an exfoliator during this home salon experience.*


Honestly? Really, really smooth and healthy looking skin.

Granted, I use a combination of products (from numerous brands) and have an extremely vigorous skin routine, so that helps, but I’ve really noticed a difference after applying this.

It’s so quick, convenient and can be applied 2-3 times a week for maximum results!

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10 thoughts on “Skincare Sunday: Pixi Beauty Peel & Polish Review

    1. It’s a peel rather than a ‘peel off mask’. Basically, peels are slightly acidic to remove a layer of your skin, which can cause redness usually – however, this is a very gentle peel.

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