Urban Decay Collaboration | All Nighter Setting Spray Review

Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray

Good evening dolls! I’m sorry I’ve been so inconsistent recently – I have so many new products to share and little time to review them for you… but I’m going to try my best to catch-up in the next few weeks!

Today, I wanted to tell you that I feel like the luckiest girl alive… and explain why.

A few weeks ago, the Urban Decay Cosmetics UK team got in touch to let me know that they would like to add me to their list of bloggers who receive NPD (the latest UD releases).

As you can imagine, I jumped at the chance, because this is quite literally one of my favourite makeup brands (if you hadn’t already guessed from the raving glitter liner/full spectrum palette reviews).

The first product the team has sent me to review is the face-lifted All Nighter Setting Spray – a renowned formula with a fresh, sophisticated design which has gained a first-class reputation among the beauty blogger/influencer community.

To provide you with some true, honest feedback, I wanted to try this product over a number of weeks and compare it against my usual (Gerard Cosmetics) setting spray and thankfully, it has lived up to my high-expectations.

Claims on the bottle state that this gentle mist (no, it won’t make your face feel drenched in liquid like other alternatives) stands the test of time, for precisely 16 hours.

Whilst I haven’t pushed this timeframe to the limits, I did give this a few spritz’ before a night-out the other day and I was extremely impressed with the results. No creasing along my usual problem areas and minimal ‘melted’ product on my face – it really lives up to it’s impactful claims.

Having worn a setting spray everyday since they were first introduced to me, I can’t imagine having to remove it from my makeup routine and would definitely recommend putting this product to the test.

The large bottle costs £23.50, which may sound quite steep, but is a sure investment due to the size of the product.

Let me know if this review was helpful and If there are any products you would like me to test in the comment space below…


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