Pixi Beauty #MultiMisting – Hit or Miss?

Pixi Beauty Multi Misting Sprays

As you guys already know (from the various times I have unintentionally gloated), Pixi Beauty recently made me a UK brand ambassador. In all honesty, I’m still so overwhelmed that such big brands are interested in someone as ‘micro’ as me – it would be an understatement to say that I’m extremely appreciative.

However, I never let the complementary products cloud my judgement and dictate my reviews and promise to only review products I really enjoy using (with the exception of a few slightly negative reviews every now and again if this is helpful for you guys).

Pixi Beauty Vitamin Mist and Hydrating Milky MistAnyway, Pixi Beauty recently sent me a lovely parcel of misting sprays – one Vitamin Wakeup, Hydrating Milky, Makeup Fixing and Glow Mist.

Firstly, can I just say how incredible the vitamin spray smells… and feels on the skin!

It’s infused with Orange Blossom and Citrus Extract to not only treat the skin to a well-deserved morning boost, but to also leave your face smelling gorgeous, even once the mist has sunk into the skin.

The Hydrating Milk Mist (stage two of the multi-misting process) is, and does, exactly what it says on the tin.

A milky coloured misting spray which leaves the face feeling super hydrated and is packed with Hyaluronic Acid and Black Oat to both hydrate and leave the skin feeling smoother in the long-term, this spray has now become an essential step within my makeup routine – straight after I apply the vitamin mist.

Pixi Beauty Glow Boost and Fixing Spray MistThe latter two masks, the Fixing Spray and Glow Boost, are however not integrated into my makeup routine on a daily basis… and that’s because I absolutely love the Gerard Cosmetics Fixing Spray (I think I use the Grapefruit scent!).

I do like to mix things up and apply the Makeup Fixing Mist on occasions as a replacement for this product, but I live in fear of the one time I sprayed this product after applying eye makeup and it left little patches throughout my nicely blended eyeshadow look.

Granted, I think this was a one off as I have since used the mist and not experienced the same issue!

The Glow Mist is a bit of a skin-treat and isn’t necessarily an essential part of the multi-misting routine.

The little green spray includes Propolis and Argan Oil and as we all know… Argan Oil is fantastic for skin, hair and well, just about every aspect of the body.

It’s a really nice step to include during makeup application (personally, I would spray this before applying foundation/face makeup) and adds a little touch of radiance to the skin.

Don’t expect dramatic results (as if this product has been designed to highlight the skin without the need for a highlighter) it simply adds a little colour and natural glow to a somewhat dull complexion.

One thing I will say about all four sprays is that the pump is extremely easy to use, and unlike other alternative sprays on the market, releases a fine mist across the entire stretch of the face – meaning no pitiful, multiple spritzes are required!

So, that’s why I love Multi-Misting with the Pixi Beauty range… have you guys tried these products or are you planning to since reading my review?

Let me know in the comment space below!


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