Affordable Makeup Brush Storage – Morphe 

morphe hc18 18 slot makeup brush case

Hi everyone, I’m about to go quiet for a few days so I thought I would review this beauty gem, which I received as a gift at CHRISTMAS!

The good thing about this brush case is, you don’t even need to own all Morphe Brushes for it to work (although the sizing of their brushes makes using this case a little easier).

The Morphe HC18 comfortably fits 18 brushes, ranging from bronzer brushes to petite eyebrow brushes. I only own one brush which doesn’t fit properly… the Real Techniques Powder Brush, which as you know, has a much thicker base than your average makeup brush!

For a three fold case which can store multiple, fairly thick brushes, this case is surprisingly narrow – it makes transportation ten times easier and more convenient than rummaging about for stray brushes… and it helps them to maintain better hygiene and stay clean for longer.

It’s also wipable thanks to the black plastic outer, which is great for those lazy days when you push dirty makeup brushes into the slots. Not forgetting the fact that it is surprisingly long-lasting – it’s seen a lot of wear-and-tear over the last 5-6 months and hasn’t let me down (yet).

Best of all? It’s only £10, which really can’t be disputed for an everyday makeup storage solution!

Let me know if you own or are planning to purchase this case in the comment space below!

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