I’ve fallen in love with the Urban Decay Cosmetics Full Spectrum Palette…

Urban Decay Full Spectrum Palette

Guys, I have been using the Urban Decay Full Spectrum palette for a few months now and I literally can’t put it down…

Urban Decay green and pink cut creaseAs you know, I’ve been creating a load of bright looks recently – most of which have been created using this incredible rainbow palette.

Name a colour and I bet you can find the highly pigmented eyeshadow to match in this 21 shadow palette.

Granted, it’s a little pricey – I think it’s just over £40 in the UK, and I actually managed to purchase this with 30% off at Debenhams a while ago (so lucky) but I would 100% recommend making the investment… you won’t look back.

Urban Decay orange and purple eyeshadowI’ve done a little swatch guide of my favourite colours at the top of this post, but I just wanted to talk through what you can expect…

The yellow shadow (Calavera) has a gorgeous orange tint to it – it’s a warm shade which blends flawlessly with the orange (Jones) and red (Seize) shades to create a fiery eyeshadow look.

In comparison, the blues (Metamorphosis, Blindsided and Minx) all offer something different – one a light sky blue tone, another a vibrant blue with a green tint and the final an intense navy blue shade.

Urban Decay blue and green cut creaseOn the left-hand side of the palette, three pink tones can be found – Gossip is an intense fuchsia pink shade, whereas Alchemy and Paranoia both have gorgeous purple tints to them.

But I think my favourite colours have to be the two greens – Mean (light) and Hatter (dark) which blend so gorgeously with just about any shade!

You’ll see that I used the shade ‘Mean’ in the blue-green cut-crease above (along with the silver called ‘Iced’), and both shades in the first (pink-green) look on this blog post.

Let me know what you think of these looks and if you’d like to know more about this palette in the comment space below!

4 thoughts on “I’ve fallen in love with the Urban Decay Cosmetics Full Spectrum Palette…

  1. Wow looking stunning 😍 Btw please check out my blog I have started blogging recently 🙃

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