Take a trip to the Soap and Glory DIY Brow Bar

Soap and Glory DIY Kit

Okay, so the Soap and Glory Archery DIY Brow Bar isn’t actually a place (as far as I’m aware). it is, in fact, a fairly new product launched by the company…

I never thought I would find a brow product which rivalled the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Pomade, especially from a drugstore…

You can guess how pleasantly surprised I have been with the Soap and Glory brow kit (RRP £12) by the fact that it has now maintained permanent residence in my everyday makeup bag (in fact replacing my ABH pomade on a recent weekend adventure).

Soap and Glory Brow Bar KitThe four-piece set consists of a highlighter, wax, light shadow and dark shadow; while I haven’t used the highlighter (intended for the brow bone), I ALWAYS use the wax beneath shadow to tidy my (rather wispy and unruly) brows.

As I have fairly light brows and want to get a near-match for my ginger hair, I have only tested the blonde (lightest) shadow so far which perfectly blends into my natural brow.

It’s fair to say I’m a brow convert and would love to test more products from the Soap and Glory makeup range!