Does the Urban Decay ‘Distortion’ Glitter Liner live up to my expectations?

So, after falling in love with the Urban Decay Glitter Liner in the shade ‘Amp’ – a tealy colour – I knew Distortion would be the next choice for me.

Urban Decay Distortion GlitterI’d seen the iridescent, sparkling glitter on one of my favourite makeup artists (Belle Jorden) and knew I wanted to also create a dramatic wing by combining white liner with a thick layer of glitter.

Truth be told, more applications were required with Distortion, in comparison to Amp, but that’s naturally to be expected due to the ‘see-through’ nature of this glitter… it was never going to pack the same punch of colour.

However, when a few layers have been applied – wow, this glitter sparkles in the sunlight and FLAWLESSLY compliments a white base. *You’re going to want to stand by a bright window all day and dazzle your colleagues – I certainly did*

Urban Decay Distortion Glitter LinerThe best thing is, it also looks great on it’s own, thanks to the mixture of green, pink, silver and numerous other shades.

Yesterday, I decided to apply it on top of a neutral base (a half-cut crease using a shade from the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette) to show you guys that this product can be manipulated in various ways… it’s 100% worth the £15 price-tag!

So, with all of the above considered, which look do you prefer – a half-lid, scattered application of glitter along the cut-crease or an intricate flick?

I personally prefer the flick – it’s so easy to create if you’ve nailed the initial wing shape!

And on that note – who would like to see an eyeliner tutorial? I’ve been meaning to film one for SUCH a long time, but I have SO many products to review for you guys still… let me know!

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