Pixi Beauty – Hello Rose! Review

Happy Sunday everyone!

I’ve just made a list of the outstanding reviews I’m yet to write/products I haven’t reviewed yet, and WOW, it’s fair to say you should be hearing a lot from me in the next few weeks!

I finally got around to testing the gorgeous Hello Rose! Set that the Pixi Beauty UK team sent me (eee!) and it’s completely lived up to my expectations.

Step 1 – Glow Booster

I NEVER normally use liquid highlighters, so it speaks for itself that I have integrated this Pixi by Petra product into my daily makeup routine. It’s extremely easy to apply, the texture is silky smooth and it can be applied as sparsely or heavily as you like!

I’m still to combine it with my tinted moisturiser for a full-face shine (I’ll definitely be trying this), but have loved applying it to the tip of my nose, cupids bow and cheeks so far!

Step 2 – Beauty Blush Duo

Okay, so half of this product is a deep rose blush and the other side is a creamy highlighter.

In the pot, the highlighter looks quite matte, so I didn’t expect the ‘extreme shine’ I usually go for…  but looks can be deceiving.

It’s SO shimmery, with golden flecks and a sparkling cream tone which I haven’t found in a highlighter EVER before. The gorgeous colour combination naturally blended into my skin but still produced the ‘pop’ of drama I was hoping for!

The other half, a rose blush, isn’t as pink as I’d first anticipated. In fact, the browny-pink tone means that there is really no need to apply a bronzer or contour beneath this product, as it tends to act as an ‘all-in-one’.

Step 3 – Liplift Max

I’m in LOVE with this gloss…

I didn’t actually realise that it was a plumping gloss before I tried it, so I was really surprised when I felt a tingling, tea tree sensation. Whilst boosting the volume of the lips, the gloss also has a brown tint, which means that you can apply it on it’s own for a more natural look OR with a lipstick beneath it (I’m wearing the Kat Von D Lolita matte lipstick beneath this in my video).

As a whole, I’m really impressed by this set!

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