Lime Crime ‘Polly’ Makeup Tutorial and First Impressions

Lime Crime Polly Matte Lipstick

So you guys might have heard me raving about the Lime Crime Velvetines matte liquid lipsticks in the past.

I have a confession to make… I love the shade ‘Polly’ even more than my original favourite lipstick shade – ‘Cupid’.

Granted, both are pink, but ‘Polly’ has an intense, warm colouration – a flawless blend of light purple and deep pink tones.

Colour aside, the pigmentation is fantastic, as per usual. The liquid doesn’t dry in the tube as time passes like alternative products on the market, it spreads consistently with a single spread of the wand and dries SUPER matte for a long-lasting finish.

All of this, without leaving the lips dry… it’s fair to say that my moisture enriched lips are ALWAYS a surprise after a day of use.

Don’t just take my word for it, watch Lime Crime ‘Polly’ in action in my latest, nighttime makeup tutorial below.