35 Shades of Orange – the Morphe 35OS Edition

See what I did there… a little play on words. No?! Well, I tried.

I’m here to tell you how incredible the Morphe 35OS eyeshadow palette is…

I managed to grab myself a palette from Beauty Bay as soon as they restocked (it’s super hard to secure one of these bad boys in the UK) but sadly it’s unavailable once again – I PROMISE you it’s worth the wait though.

It was really hard deciding whether to choose the matte or shimmery orange palette (I could only buy one!), but the sparkly colours won me over in the end.

From shimmering pink tones with orange and purple fluorescent tones to deep sparkly reds, not forgetting the green/brown shades – this palette offers a little something for everyone, which is part of the magic of purchasing a 35 eyeshadow palette from Morphe Brushes.

Morphe 35OS paletteAs always, the shadows are highly pigmented and priced at just over Β£20, which in my eyes is a sure investment. Yes, I might not use every shade within the palette, but I’ll try my hardest to do so gradually!

For my first look (left), I decided to blend four colours together – layering some of the lighter and dark orange tones from the right-hand side of the palette.

Next time, I’ll make sure to mark up which eyeshadows I’ve used to make it easier for you guys!

*On a side note, would anyone like an arm swatch of the entire palette?! If so, let me know in the comment space below and I’ll share this on my Instagram.*

Morphe 35OS palette

Although a slightly less obvious choice of colour combinations, I spotted a really beautiful purple fleck in one of the lightest orange tones (second on the left, at the top of the palette).

Naturally, I decided this would make a gorgeous lid colour when combined with the vibrant purple shades from the incredible Morphe 35P palette, so I did just that, applying a layer of concealer on to the lashes and pressing this flecked colour on top to complete this ‘intergalactic’ look.

When I say intergalactic, I mean a look which is unacceptable to prance around a garden centre surrounded by 60-80 year olds wearing… which is exactly how I spent my morning (wild, I know).

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21 thoughts on “35 Shades of Orange – the Morphe 35OS Edition

    1. Thanks so much lovely! I haven’t used it that much recently because I have so many other pallets to try, but I always end up going back to it and experimenting more x

      1. I have a new urban decay one I’m going to review within the next few weeks! I have so many things to review though so I’m just trying to catch up haha. Thanks for the support! Xx

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