Wearable Yellow – Makeup Geek ‘Lemon Drop’ Eyeshadow

Struggling to use that spur-of-the-moment yellow eyeshadow that seemed like such a good idea at the time?

Wondering how you would apply such a vibrant colour, if you had the guts to treat yourself? Fear not…

Makeup Geek Lemon Drop eyeshadowI just purchased the Makeup Geek ‘Lemon Drop’ eyeshadow after hunting for the perfect yellow colour for a VERY long time.

I’d seen swatches of this eyeshadow online so knew it ‘packed a punch’, but I wasn’t quite sure how I would apply it without looking ‘clownish’.

Finally pulling the shadow from my ‘box of untested goodies’, I decided to ditch my usual go-to black winged liner and, for the first time in months, simply apply one shade across the lid and blend into the brow bone.

It felt a little unnatural at first and I was so tempted to blend some depth into the crease, but instead chose to apply a popping pink/purple colour from my new Kat Von D Chrysalis palette beneath the lash-line in the shape of an upside down flick.

It goes without saying that I was delighted with the vibrant pigmentation that this Makeup Geek eyeshadow provided and at such an affordable price-tag… I’ll definitely by purchasing some more colours to create my own Makeup Geek palette!

Makeup Geek Lemon Drop eyeshadow

To add some extra drama to the look, I applied some Eylure falsies, the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Pomade and an intense contour.

Not forgetting the application of my new Limited Edition Topshop Lip Bullet in shade ‘Pash’ – a beautifully surprising pink tone which leaves the lips feeling surprisingly luxurious and doesn’t fade quickly… result!

To witness the process from start to finish, simply watch the YouTube video at the top of this post – a sped-up 4 minute time-lapse from no makeup to this dramatic look. Warning: the quality isn’t great as this was filmed from my internal iPhone camera – I’ll be investing in an SLR for recording ASAP.


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10 thoughts on “Wearable Yellow – Makeup Geek ‘Lemon Drop’ Eyeshadow

  1. Love This shade I don’t really wear yellow much but by seeing this makes me wanna asap you look gorgeous btw love your skills😍🙌🏼

    Do check out my blog posts and let me know what you think would love that I’m new to the blogging world😊

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