Eyeshadow Envy: The Kat Von D ‘Chrysalis’ Palette

Kat Von D Chrysalis Palette

My mum purchased the gorgeous Kat Von D Chrysalis palette as a Christmas stocking filler, without any guidance from myself… can we just congratulate her fantastic judgement on this occasion!

I finally decided to try as many colours as possible within one eye makeup look today (I’m definitely looking forward to creating some more subtle looks using the gorgeous silver shadows) and was delighted with the pigmentation, colours and… well, just about everything about this palette, including the funky shadow names.

Kat Von D Chrysalis

To create this look, I blended ‘lucid’ along the entire crease and applied ‘glasswing’ on top, taking a narrower brush (the Mac 217) to apply ‘entombed’ and ‘tornay’ into the crease line. For a vibrant but subtle finish along the lid, I applied a layer of concealer and then blended ‘transition’ in the corner, ‘mezzanine’ in the middle and ‘hybrid moments’ in the outer corner, repeating this colour fusion along the lower lash line.

Besides the incredible colouration and shimmering tones, each eyeshadow offers incredible pigmentation, meaning that a minimal amount of product can be used to create the boldest impact.  And that’s perhaps the best thing about this palette – it’s SO versatile that you can create as subtle or daring a look as you like!

All topped off with the incredible Kat Von D Tattoo Liner and vibrant ‘Susperia’ matte lipstick.


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