Mac Extra Dimension Skinfinish Highlighter in ‘Beaming Blush’  

I’d been waiting to purchase one of the Mac Extra Dimension Skinfinish Highlighters for such a long time and for the past few weeks have been obsessing over ‘Beaming Blush’, so I thought it was about time to share my incredible feedback with you guys.

If you want your face to have a constantly golden gleam throughout the day, then this is the highlighter to turn to. The only downside being… it’s to beautiful to destroy the beautiful rigid pattern at the top of the highlighter!

Although the finish is a little more subtle than I had anticipated, it’s equally as flattering – with pink and golden flecks that shine bright when the face is turned in the direct sunlight.

In fact, the pigmentation is so intense that when a photo is taken, the face almost looks translucent with radiance – exhibit a. is the photo above!

But before you delve your brush into this product, pre-warning – you’re going to need to swirl it around the product multiple times to create a built-up and impactful finish.

I’d love to hear what you think of this highlighter! Leave your comments in the space below.

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4 thoughts on “Mac Extra Dimension Skinfinish Highlighter in ‘Beaming Blush’  

  1. Kim, truthfully I think any highlighter would look great on you.
    I’m a highlighter junkie myself, and could never get my hands on Lauder Heatwave gelee, or a few other limited editions from the past few years and wouldn’t pay the hundreds on ebay greedy speculators demanded.
    I love the highlighter on your nose, and I think with a tan I could rock this. I would love to try it before I buy if it’s still available gah!! xx

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