Vegas Nay by Eylure – Grand Glamor False Eyelashes 

Looking for fluffy lashes?

Then these Vegas Nay by Eyelure false eyelashes could be the perfect choice for you.

Not only does the criss-cross ‘feathered’ texture help to blend the natural and false lashes together flawlessly, it also adds a dramatic but subtle finishing touch to eye makeup.

Vegas Nay Eyelure False EyelashesGone are the days of big, chunky (cheap looking) falsies.

The curved band is thick enough to maintain the weight of the lashes, but makes it a little more challenging to simply ‘drop’ the lashes on to the lids. You’ll fast discover that this band also requires a bit of a trim for the first application, however… the good news is that these Eyelure lashes easily disappear when applied on top of winged liner. Result!

While they don’t feel too heavy, as the ‘lightweight’ title suggests, they certainly leave the eyes feeling ‘unnatural’. You know, that stereotypical ‘over blinky’ effect some eyelashes produce? That definitely happened for me within the first hour of application, until my eyes adjusted to the dramatic length.

Having said that, I’m majorly chuffed with the results and the feedback people have given me about this dark look. Best of all? I managed to purchased them for £4 within a local discount beauty store, whereas they are usually sold at £6 (still, an absolute bargain).


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