PUMA Exclusive – ASOS Ribbed Crop Top

Evening ladies and gents!

You may or may not have noticed something a little different on the Dibble’s Corner homepage… I’VE PASSED THE 1,000 FOLLOWER MILESTONE.


Asos Exclusive PumaI just wanted to show you guys my new PUMA jumper, exclusively available via ASOS. It might be an unlikely choice because of the mustard colouring (I know, I know – I’m veering away from my ‘all black’ dress code every single day), but I’m so chuffed with how the jumper looks alongside my bright orange hair.

Granted it’s hand wash only because of the transfer, and is a REALLY snug fit (order a size bigger than you’d usually go for) but the ribbed texture hugs all of the right places.

Needless to say, the £25 price-tag is definitely worth it – I’m going to get as many uses out of this top before every other fashion blogger owns it… I’ve already seen at least 3 of my favourite beauty Instagrammers wearing it!

Stay tuned for more posts like this, with plenty of beauty product reviews on the way!

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