Vlog alert! Acne coverage makeup routine…

Hello everyone, I’m getting better at this ‘talking to myself’ malarky and launched another vlog last night

Okay, so I’m not technically improving, but I’m finally making eye contact with the camera lens and avoiding the use of the word ‘umm’ in every other sentence, so that counts for something… right?!

My latest vlog is a little acne coverage tutorial. I had a breakout before filming this, so thought it was the perfect time to show everyone that yes, we’re all human. Granted, my acne has been 10 times worse than this, for all the people uttering ‘your skin isn’t even that bad’, but the same coverage principles apply.

During the vlog, I have discussed and showcased my everyday face routine, from start to finish – completing my eye makeup, brows and priming my skin before the video, to pay full attention to the coverage process. I’ve revealed some of my favourite tips/tricks and the best products on the market, including but not limited to: the Smashbox Photo Finish Primer (expect a review shortly), Esteé Lauder Double Wear, Mac Studio Fix Powder plus Foundation, and Nars Radiant Concealer.

If you guys would like to see a tutorial for eye makeup like this (remember, I’m only an amateur) please comment in the space below…

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13 thoughts on “Vlog alert! Acne coverage makeup routine…

    1. I’ve got a few other videos on my channel but I’m open to suggestions for future videos 😌 what would you like to see? A certain type of eye makeup? A full face of makeup? X

  1. I did my first periscope where I basically talked to myself the whole time and I completely understand! You should definitely do a wing liner tutorial! Your wing game is always on point!

    1. Haha I feel so stupid every time and stumble over my own words because I’m thinking about it too much! Will definitely do a winged eyeliner tutorial, but I do cheat most of the time and use tape 😀 x

  2. I also want a tutorial of this eye look because I’d totally wear it and I’m a sucker for tutorials of anyone with the relatively pale ginger coloring like my own 🙂

    Also THANK YOU for this tutorial. My breakouts have been driving me bat**** crazy the past few weeks.

    1. Thanks lovely, subscribe to/keep an eye on my YouTube channel and I’ll probably be sharing a little tutorial on this, or similar, eye makeup. I hope this vlog helps you with coverage 🙂 x

  3. Wonderful! Well done! What have you guys been using for the break outs? Maybe I can give you some advice on that no.

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