Morphe 35P Cut Crease… with a twist

Good evening lovelies. thank you for pushing me one step closer to the 1,000 follower milestone!

Today I’m going to be briefly discussing the look featured above, created entirely using the Morphe 35P Plum palette, with a surprising product replacing my usual black eyeliner!

This look has gained a fair amount of attention on Instagram, much to my surprise!

But I can’t claim this idea to be an original one. In fact, I was completely inspired by the photo and video that the incredible mrs_akaeva Instagram account shared.

It’s simple.

Apply two rectangles of scotch tape to each lid (from the outer lid crease to the brow), blend colours together as usual beneath the brow, peel off the tape, conceal the lid in an outward ‘flicking arch’ and apply… the Gerard Cosmetics ‘Invasion’ matte liquid lipstick as an eyeliner with a thin brush.

Complete the eye look with a coat of mascara and some falsies if you’re looking to create a really impactful look!

Feeling inspired? I’d love to hear what you guys think of this idea. If anyone fancies recreating this, please make sure to share links to your photos in the comment space below!

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