Lush ‘You’ve Been Mangoed Bath Melt’ review

You guys know how much I love Lush products, so it goes without saying that I adore the Lush ‘You’ve Been Mangoed’ bath melt.

Purchased as a birthday present for me, this tiny product has excelled all expectations – it smells incredible, melts gently to unveil a light core, and leaves the skin feeling silky smooth, with an impressively affordable £2 price-tag to suit!

Just as attractive as it is fragrant, this palm-sized Lush bath product boasts a daring green exterior. Among the numerous luxurious, animal-friendly ingredients used to create this bath melt are Avocado Butter, Lemongrass Oil, Organic Shea Butter and Mango Butter – the perfect citrus fusion of scents.

I would suggest using it once for the best outcome, although you could probably stretch it across two baths if you’re looking to save the expense of purchasing multiple melts.

All considered, if you love to relax in a slightly colourful, pleasantly scented tub, this is the ideal choice for you.

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