Mac Veluxe Pearlfusion Shadow in ‘Green Clean’ review

Time to appreciate every aspect of this Mac eyeshadow – from the beautiful multicoloured packaging to the incredible pigmentation, not forgetting the glittery appearance of the silver shadow.

Mac Deluxe Pearlfusion green clean shadowThe first look I created using this product was the pink and green look to the left – a combination of the rose Mac loose pigment I discussed (and praised) a few posts ago, and this new shadow.

I applied the bright green colour from my new Mac Veluxe Pearlfusion ‘Green Clean’ shadow palette to the crease, helping to create a bold, contrast look.

What next? I decided to put the deep green/brown tone and glitter shadow to the test – creating the look showcased in the second makeup look (below).

Mac Deluxe Pearlfusion green clean shadowThe darkest shade is ideal for blending an intense crease, while the glittery shadow creates a gentle finish along the lid.

It’s important to note that the glitter shadow does require a few applications to make an ‘impact’.

Effectively, I want my eyelids to look like mini disco balls…

So I might have to look for another loose glitter pigment – any suggestions?

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