Mac Electric Cool ‘Switch to Blue’ Eye Shadow

I am so delighted to reveal the results of the Mac Electric Cool ‘Switch to Blue’ Eye Shadow I purchased from a discount cosmetics store in Bath the other day!

I apologise in advance because (to my knowledge) this product is no longer available in the UK and seems to be available on the American Mac site only… boo!

Mac Electric Cool Switch to Blue EyeshadowA softer pigment than I first anticipated (an almost creamy texture) – this Mac eye shadow is 110% more effectively applied with the finger, as opposed to a brush.

At first, when I believed the vibrant ‘Switch to Blue’ eye shadow to provide a dust-like pigmentation, I tried using a brush.

The results were as follows – my brush was covered in the product after one swipe, with a big dent left in the pot as a result, but the tiniest amount transferred onto the lid. Then realising this was actually a creamy shadow, I decided to dip my fourth finger into the Mac Electric Cool eye shadow and gently dab this directly onto the lid… the results were much more impressive!

Teaming this vibrant blue with a golden shade from my Urban Decay Naked Smokey palette, I was delighted with the end result. It is, however, important to note, that this product does fade and crease a little along the lid throughout the day, regardless of the addition of fixing spray!

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Check out my Boomerang video of this look…

7 thoughts on “Mac Electric Cool ‘Switch to Blue’ Eye Shadow

  1. Love! It sounds a lot like the consistency of the colourpop Eyeshadows?? I remember being super weirded out by the texture / lack of pigment. But like you said with the finger application it’s so much better! I’ve also had better outcomes with little concealer brushes…if you need precision that your fingers can’t achieve (due to my chicken claws 😂)

  2. This looks absolutely gorgeous on you! Don’t think I could ever pull off such a stunning color, but I’m definitely encouraged to try it now. Great post!

  3. Not a lot of people can pull that shade of blue off, but you really made it work! Also what is your highlighter? That’s so unique! Your blog is really creative. Contact me if you ever would like to do a feature on my blog!

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