Redken One United Multi Benefit Treatment Spray Review

Delivering hair manageability, protection and a beautiful finish – here’s why you should use the Redken One United, multi-benefit treatment spray.

I like to use this multi-purpose Redken spray in addition to Redken Pillow Proof, for a soft but protected finish.

So, what are the 25 benefits involved with spritzing this spray after every hair wash, according to Redken?
  1. A lightweight end result
  2. The perfect product for a hair style refresh
  3. Assists the blow drying process
  4. Keeps fly-away hairs under control
  5. Delivers anti-static results
  6. Controls frizz
  7. Smooths the hair
  8. Also adds shine
  9. Promises a silky finishing touch
  10. Protects hair against ‘external agressors’
  11. Prevents split ends by sealing hair cuticles
  12. Prevents heat damage (aka. straighteners/hairdryers)
  13. Perfect for colour-treated hair
  14. Primes hair
  15. Prevents hair brush, hair breakage
  16. Reduces dryness of hair
  17. Strengthens and detangles
  18. Evens porous hair
  19. Nourishes/enriches the hair
  20. Provides a softened texture when applying hair products
  21. Assists and enhances the results of additional leave-in treatments
  22. Delivers lightweight conditioning
  23. Improved protection
  24. Improved beauty
  25. Improved manageability.

And with all of the above considered, I can confirm that this product makes a huge impact upon the way in which my hair feels – although how I could possibly prove that all of these things are happening at once, after a few squirts of this spray… I’m unsure!

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