7 stereotypical beauty blogger traits

[Shamelessly inserts selfie to substantiate beauty blogger stereotype]

These days, every other person refers to themselves as a blogger – I’m guilty of joining this fast-increasing phenomenon, so it goes without saying that I religiously follow #TheGirlGang on Twitter.

What distinguishes the average ‘beauty blogger’ from the crowd?

A passion for discussing great eyeshadow pigmentation? The necessity to match the white granite our favourite beauty blogger captures products upon on a daily basis, but having minimal ‘clinical’ looking resources to do so?

An empty purse as payday passes, due to that latest product haul we HAD to ‘invest in’ for the blog? Applying every product in our makeup bag 100 times over and wasting hours of our lives along the way, because that’s the latest trend – right?

So without further ado… here are the 7 stereotypical traits associated with roughly 90% of the beauty blogger community:

1. Occasionally liking and commenting on other people’s posts that we’re ‘just not that into’. We need those extra likes and views, and they aren’t going to amass out of thin air!

2. Implementing the following keywords: BBlogger, Beauty, Makeup and ABH (Anastasia Beverly Hills), regardless of the content… because SEO, duh.

3. Having to socially promote everything and force our family/friends to like the blog posts in question – if no genuine beauty enthusiasts like our posts, at least our auntie and bff will!

4. Introducing every article with the following sentence ‘Good Evening Ladies and Gents (guilty)…’

5. …or apologising for the lack of content you’ve shared recently, because who has the time to write EVERY evening and sustain a full time job! (also guilty)

6. Having a camera roll with roughly 3,000 photos, consisting of about 500 shareable images and 2,500 duplicates of those exact photos (whilst being prompted by our iPhone that our storage is almost full on a daily basis). We struggle to capture the perfect angle? Okay…

7. Sharing a post and believing that we’re going to gain the instant success of Zoella, My Pale Skin and other beauty blogger sensations. Then hitting a big ‘reality’ brick wall upon waking up the following day. Unfortunately, it just doesn’t happen overnight – 99% of the time anyway.

In the mood for a beauty blog, run by someone who ticks all of the above traits?

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26 thoughts on “7 stereotypical beauty blogger traits

  1. This made me chuckle. I’m mixing a bit of beauty blogging in to my own blog and found all those things you listed, and am trying to avoid doing the same…where’s that cry/laughing emoji when you need it?!

    For me the biggest one was the lack of iPhone storage – too true – every damn day!

    A great, funny post – thanks!

  2. I can relate to so many traits you listed here. Now I feel am a part of the crowd 😦
    My phone is full of photos (exact photos).
    Tired of tagging… beauty, makeup…swatch!!!

    Your post made me feel I am not alone 🙂

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