Avon Electric Blue Liquid Eyeliner + Super Shock Aqua Pop Gel Eyeliner

What. A. Day.

I’ve finally managed to put my feet up after 5 hours of sleep and an 11 hour day, to write a post for you guys (sorry it’s been a few days!)

TAvon Electric Blue Liquid Eyeliner + Super Shock Aqua Pop Gel Eyelineroday I created a really simple but statement look, using two new bold Avon products.

Using the Avon Electric Blue Liquid Eyeliner to create strong flicks, I then covered the inner waterline with Super Shock Aqua Pop Gel Eyeliner – two very similar colours which compliment each other nicely.

The liquid liner offered an immediately smooth application, with a lovely metallic look to match. All the while, the gel eyeliner provided a long-lasting coverage along the waterline, boasting a ‘punching’ colour.

I then completed the look with a gentle dusting of a gold Benefit shadow underneath the water line.

As you can see in the image above, I used the Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid lipstick – apologies, I can’t remember the shade and I’ve misplaced it somewhere throughout the duration of the day! However, I’m going to be doing a full look/review featuring the entire Vivid range soon (I have so many colours to test!).

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